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New book about influences of Communism and Socialism on Pope Francis

I arose today to a loud PING on my phone as a friend in Rome sent me a link to a piece in the American Spectator by the hardly-ever-subtle George Neumayr about the influence of Communism and Socialism on Pope Francis. The Spectator … Continue reading

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‘Monday Vatican’ analysis of the state of the pontificate

In the wake of last week’s cover of the Rolling Stone, Andrea Gagliarducci in his Monday Vatican offering does some analysis of the status quaestionis, the present state, of the pontificate of Pope Francis, especially in view of the MSM. Read the whole thing, … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: modernity, vernacular stirred up many problems – music “mediocre, superficial and banal”

Nothing will come of this, of course, but it is nice to hear it from Pope Francis.  Alas, Benedict XVI and John Paul II said similar things about music and liberals ignored them, too. Via Vatican Radio [which is going to … Continue reading

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Damian Thompson on Pope Francis

Damian Thompson at The Spectator has penned a piece about Pope Francis. I don’t think I should reproduce any of it here or comment about it. I will merely point out the fact that it exists and then quietly back … Continue reading

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Book which Pope Francis mentioned in address to Roman Curia

Yesterday His Holiness Pope Francis addressed himself to the Roman Curia for the annual Christmas greeting. He mentioned Industriae ad curandos animae morbos, that is, “Initiatives (for superiors) to cure illnesses of the soul”, a work of Jesuit formation by … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ Christmas Address to the Roman Curia

His Holiness Pope Francis today gave his annual Christmas “greetings” address to members of the Roman Curia.  HERE  With his extemporaneous words at the end, it amounts to some 43oo words and covered 8 single-spaced pages of Times 12 point … Continue reading

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Edward Feser: The Five Dubia and the Silence of the Pope

I found Edward Feser’s essay on Schadenfreude to be especially helpful after the election of Donald J. Trump as President of These United States of America after the humiliating defeat of Hillary and everything she stands for.   Truly helpful. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis pummels traditional priests, seminarians, laity … again. What can we learn from that?

UPDATE 14 Dec 2016: Jan Bentz of LifeSite has a follow up piece. ___  Originally Published on: Dec 12, 2016 ___ Over the last few years, Our Holy Father Pope Francis has said some pretty awful things about priests.  He doesn’t … Continue reading

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Fr. Murray on who are the traditional young Catholics… NOT.

My friend Fr. Gerald Murray has a good commentary at The Catholic Thing on some comments Pope Francis made about people, especially about young people, who desire the older, traditional form of Holy Mass and the Latin, Roman Church’s sacred worship. … Continue reading

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WAR! Pope Francis on marriage’s enemy: Gender Theory

In October 2015 Card. Sarah said during the Synod on the Family (HERE):  What Nazi-Fascism and Communism were in the 20th century, Western homosexual and abortion Ideologies and Islamic Fanaticism are today. We fought wars against Nazism and Communism. We … Continue reading

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Sober and sobering views of the “Francis Effect”

I point the readership to two must-read pieces. First, in of all places the New York Times (aka Hell’s Bible), an op-ed by Matthew Schmitz of First Things.  “Has Pope Francis Failed?” Next, Carl Olson’s opinion piece at Catholic World Report, which … Continue reading

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Did Pope Francis really write that letter?

UPDATE: I have found a “news story” (but not really) at the site of Vatican Radio by Philippa Hitchen saying something about the letter. HERE Also, in today’s L’Osservatore Romano of 12-13 September there is an unsigned piece on p. 7 … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ Angelus: “our life is not a video game or a soap opera; our life is serious”

Here is Vatican Radio‘s translation of Pope Francis’ Angelus address today: Vatican Radio translation of the Pope’s Angelus address: “Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! [He said, “Buon giorno”. We are after noon, of course.] Today’s Gospel passage invites us to meditate … Continue reading

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Ultrapapalism is the other side of the coin of Sedevacantism

I extend my compliments to Fr. Hunwicke today for an excellent observation at his excellent blog Mutual Enrichment. Here is an excerpt from the post I have in mind. You can read the whole thing there: Two very brief pointers. … Continue reading

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Why aging liberals are so nasty and so frightened

At the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, there is an analysis piece by a writer for First Things, Matthew Schmitz. He writes about the angst libs are experiencing, as they cope with the ticking clock: Pope Francis isn’t moving fast … Continue reading

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