Benedict XVI in Rosacea Vestments on Laetare

Pope Benedict in Rosacea on Laetare

On 26 March 2006 His Holiness made a pastoral visit to a Roman parish in thge suburbs called God Our Merciful Father.  It was Laetare Sunday and the Pope wore rose vestments.  I don’t remember having seen His Holiness Pope John Paul II in rose vestments.  It is nice to see some of these traditions returning to use.

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6 Responses to Benedict XVI in Rosacea Vestments on Laetare

  1. I agree! And it’s quite a lovely shade of rose too. I just discovered this site and love it already. Keep up the excellent work, Father.

  2. Tim Ferguson says:

    I like the mitre as well – from the front it has a look reminiscent of the tiara. I notice that the new American cardinals wore purple yesterday, although Cardinal Levada wore a Roman-style chasuble, which was good to see.

  3. Tim: Yes, the photos of His Eminence in the Roman-style vestment were encouraging. I would have like a maniple as well, and a dalmatic, and the gloves, etc., but first things first.


  4. Fr Raymond Thompson says:

    The mitre is a bit modern, as are the style of vestments, but perhaps if the Pope celebrates the Tridentine Rite he will use Latin Vestments as well.

  5. Fr Raymond Thompson says:

    Further to the above comment – does anyone know how long it’s been since a Pope last used a proper Papal palium?

  6. I wasn’t too wild about the miter either. It would be nice to see something from the treasury of the Vatican Basilica, wouldn’t it? Imagine what there must be.

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