Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog,

ChaucerGeoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog, Ei-I-Ei-I-OOOO!  OR, I guess, it should really be EUOUAE

I tip my biretta to Argent by the Tiber   o{]:¬)    for the heads up about a fun new blog redolent of Geoffrey Chaucer called Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog.  This is just too fun.  I shall put it in the same folder with the fabulous efforts of Laudator Temporis Acti.  

So far I have learn some Middle English internet abbreviations – VERY useful those!  I also enjoy the Advice Column.  Here is a sample:

Aske Chaucere, parte the firste

Q: My dog is a retriever, but he won’t chase a ball. Every time I throw a toy across the room, he climbs in my lap and licks my face. I know he needs exercise–what do I do?

Pinned To The Floor

A: Ma Cher Pinnede to The Floore,

By my feithe, firste y oght to praise yow for yowre carefulle husbandrie and governance of yowre hounde. Ther arn sundrie folke who fede ther houndes with rosted flessh, or milk and wastel-breed and reken litel of the helthe of the dogges in question. Yowre care maken myne eyes to watre with teres, so like it is unto my love for litel Lowys my sone.

Actuallye, a tale of litel Lowys shal bere the kernel of myn counsel unto yow. This yuletide, y gave hym an astrolabe with instructions written by yowres trulie with muchel care and laboure. But whatte does he opene firste? The XBOX CCCLX thatte my Lorde John of Gaunte gave vnto hym. The astrolabe ys styll in its brighte shinye wrappinge papere.

By thys ensample yow might undirstonde that alle thynges taken aftir ther nature, especialie dogges and litel boyes. And Plinie the Eldre telleth us in booke 8 of historie naturale that houndes do chace the enemies and bestes awaie from ther maistres, and yliche that the hostes of Garamante and of Castabale didde usen armies of dogges, for they arn fierce and bloodie. So yow can see thatte "toyes" are not goinge to do it. Yow nede fynden some animal or enemy for yowre dogge to kille, and thenne he will reallye go atte yt.

Le Vostre G


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