“I’m, shocked, shocked to find zat ENGLISH iz spoken here!”

Captain RenaultThis just in…

Chirac ‘shocked’ by use of English at summit
Upset French leader bolts EU meeting after Frenchmen switches languages

BRUSSELS, Belgium – President Jacques Chirac said on Friday he had been so shocked to hear a fellow Frenchman speak English at a European Union summit the previous day that he had felt compelled to leave the room.

“I have to say I was profoundly shocked to see a Frenchman express himself in English at the (EU) Council table. That’s why the French delegation and myself walked out rather than listen to that,” Chirac told reporters.

What moral fortitude for a major European leader.

D’ya suppose he went out and burned a car in protest?

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  1. Victor says:

    Oh come on – this way at least they made it that French still is an official language of the EU (and German is not, while 24 percent of the pre-enlargement EU spoke it). It may seem ridiculous, but Mr Chirac at least knows how to defend the status of French as a world language…

  2. Now we can better understand why Blessed John XXIII wrote in Veterum Sapientia: “Of its very nature Latin is most suitable for promoting every culture among diverse peoples, for it gives no rise to jealousies, it does not favor any one group, but presents itself with equal impartiality, gracious and friendly to all.” I am sure Chirac would have not objected to Latin!

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