Framed at the Cafeteria

Over at The Cafeteria is Closed Gerald has posted something too funny for words.  I tip my biretta in his direction.  o{]:¬)  I made it the wallpaper on my cellphone.

Picking up on Diogenes’s suggestion that Card. Arinze’s recent letter ought to be framed, in the spirit of the classic response to "You can say that again!" he did it.   In gratitude, go give his blog some traffic! 


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  1. Jon says:


    And also suitable for framing (a matching set for each side of the fireplace?)is Bishop Trautman’s enthusiasitic response, courtesy of of Little Rita

    Bishop Skylstad has forwarded to all Latin Rite Bishops a copy of Cardinal Arinze’s letter concerning translation of the Order of Mass, which is presently under consideration by the members of the USCCB and scheduled for vote by the U.S. Bishops at their June meeting. I see this letter as a clarification and further restatement of criteria for translation previously authored by the Congregation in its document Liturgiam authenticam. This recent correspondence offers additional input for the deliberation of the Bishops.

  2. Actually, Jon, I think I’ll pair my framed copy of Arinze’s letter with Bishop Sklystad’s warm cover letter (to the USCCB bishops) that Diogenes also provides. The alacrity and fidelity with which he blast-faxed this out was gratifying, indeed.

  3. AM says:

    All these translation debates seems to be about the Ordinary of the Mass only. Are the various propers being retranslated too? Judging from the quality of the current translations of the propers, one would expect a lot of fuss as the many problems are corrected: but I haven’t seen (on the net) any discussion about new versions of the propers at all.

    After waiting a decade for a new translation of what, sixty lines of Latin, shall we have to wait another 40 years for the rest of the Missal?

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