Friday after Ascension in the 6th Week of Easter

Deus, qui ad aeternam vitam
in Christi resurrectione nos reparas,
erige nos ad consedentem in dextera tua
nostrae salutis auctorem,
ut, cum in maiestate sua Salvator noster advenerit,
quos fecisiti baptismo renasci,
facias beata immortatlitate vestiri.

O God, who in the resurrection of Christ
renew us unto eternal life,
raise us up to the One sitting with You upon Your right hand,
the author of our salvation,
so that, when our Savior will have come in His majesty
You will make those whom who caused to be reborn in baptism,
to be clothed in blessed immortality.


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  1. I wonder whether the Friday after Ascension in the 7th Week of Easter is a new Mass in the 2002 Missale Romanum that has not yet made it (in translation) to the U.S.

  2. Well, that is what I called just to make sure you know that I think in terms of Ascension being celebrated on Thursday. Otherwise, it is the Friday in the 7th Week of Easter without reference to Ascension (which seems terribly odd to me).

  3. Don Marco says:

    I too call it the Friday After the Ascension. The 2002 Missale Romanum does indicate: “In feriis post Ascensionem vel Dominicam VI Paschae.” Like Father Zuhlsdorf, I go for the “vel”! Here is my rendering of the Collect:

    O God who restore us to eternal life
    by the resurrection of your Christ,
    lift us up to the author of our salvation
    sitting at your right hand,
    that when our Saviour comes again in his majesty,
    you may clothe in blessed immortality
    those whom you have made to be born again in baptism.

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