Secretary of State

I believe we are going to be seeing a new Secretary of State in the first week or so of June.  His name is To Be announced.  I think the furniture is being moved.

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  1. And what of the rumor that Greg Burke (Fox News) will soon replace Joaquin Navarro-Valls as papal spokesman?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Would Tarcisio Bertone really get it at the age of 73?!?…

  3. Matt says:


    Seriously? Is that a real rumor or a joke?

  4. CBM says:

    Perhaps, but I don’t think that Bertone has distinguished himself in his dealings with the press and world leaders. The Sec of s is the Nuncio to the World. That means he must announce the concerns of the Holy See to the world in ways that the world can understand. I believe that this man is Cardinal Scola.

  5. Okay! Another county heard from!

  6. Is that a real rumor or a joke?

    It may be a joke, Matt, but it’s a real rumor. As reported from Kracowicz by EWTN’s Rome bureau chief Joan Lewis as being the word being noised about the papal press entourage there.

  7. Kevin Miller says:

    Quite interesting – Greg Burke is identified in John Allen’s book on Opus Dei as a numerary. And I believe that Navarro-Valls is also.

  8. E. Forshaw says:

    I know G.Burke’s father. He is an excellent[former pediatrician]
    He speaks often of his son who is in Opus Dei. In my humble opinion , he would be an absolutely excellent choice. A perfect fit to replace J.N.V..

  9. Greg Burke is a friend of mine. I worked closely with him during on Fox News for “Papal April” last year. Perhaps you remember the photo I posted here. It wasn’t a great photo, given that it was taken of a TV screen, so, there is a lot of distortion of how we look. But, oh well…

    Yes, I agree. He would be a very good choice. Perhaps we could add this to a list of petitions.

    Chris Wallace, Greg Burke, Fr. Zuhlsdorf

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