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I just made a slight adjustment to the style sheet for this blog.  I made the type face/font in the comments and left bar a little larger.  I hope that helps make the comments areas a bit easier to read.

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  1. Catholic Lady says:

    So far, I see no difference.

  2. Yes, the comment font is slightly larger.

  3. Séamas says:

    I believe most people’s web browsers control font sizes and styles, overriding whatever the webmaster has set.

    That would explain why, in my email version of this post, the comment font is larger, but not when I view it on the web.

  4. Catholic Lady says:

    Seamas – you have an e-mail version? How so?

  5. Catholic Lady says:

    And yes, by going to View on my toolbar and selecting text size and then increase – I now have a larger font size for everything on the blog page.

  6. I normally use Firefox as my browser. All I need to do is punch a CTL+ to make the text larger.

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