Stinking Bishop at the Closed Cafeteria?

From time to time I have let you know about what we are eating here at the Sabine Farm.  Over at The hermeneutic of continuity there is fun menu posted.  Check it out via that link but here it is:


Monkfish roulade
Arinzotto alla casa
Gumbleton on toast


Rump de l’Eveque (tenderised)
Duck a l’Oranjith
Selection of vegetables (USCCB)


Chocolate indulgence (40 days)
Melted Todd Brownie

Cotes du Rhine (flowing freshly into the Tiber)
La Chasse du Pape (Tally ho!)
Kool-ade in glass pitchers

This is a most excellent menu, truly an amuse guele.  I would like to suggest a final cheese course, however.  Perhaps a good ripe piece of Stinking Bishop and a glass of Cardinal Zin to wash it down?

No, I am not making those up and, yes, they are both good, especially the cheese. 

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  1. Cathy_of_Alex says:

    I concur. If you can nose-past the horrific smell of the Stinking Bishop
    cheese and the “Salvador Dali as a Cardinal on Crack” label on the Zin, both are very

  2. Boko Fittleworth says:

    Is that a Ralph Steadman?

  3. This was “in honor” of my dinner with Fr. Stephanos (and my lovely bride) by the way :)

  4. Gerald: ROFL!! Okay! In any event, the idea of a meal based on foods with ecclesiastical names has been in the back of my mind for a while. This moved it to the front of my mind. Perhaps one of these days we will wind up in the same city and can figure out a way to celebrate such a happy convergence.

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