Today I joined the ranks of those with bifocals. Well.. in my case progressive lens. I could have continued with regular mono lenses, but I figured I would give these a try.

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  1. Fr. Paul La Fontaine says:

    Fr. Z.,

    You’ll love ’em.

    Fr. L.

  2. Florestan says:

    Best of luck with your new contacts, Fr.
    I’ve seen my fair share of people liking (and disliking) them while I was studying to be an optician. There’s no escaping presbyopia.

  3. Argent says:


    In my case, I’m in denial.

    Fr Z,

    Do let us know how they’re working out. I might have to join you soon.

  4. Tim Ferguson says:

    Oh dear, Father, next thing you’ll be sitting on your front porch, shaking your fist and complaining about “kids these days,” while downing a geritol with a glass of prune juice. hehehehe – I’m not far behind you!

  5. Phil says:

    A presbyopic presbyter? Oh no!

  6. Catholic Lady says:

    Presbyopia was not a problem for me since I had been myopic all my life. But then I developed cataracts and had to have them removed. Now I am no longer myoptic but am presbyoptic. I need glasses to read but not to drive now. The human body is a complex and wonderous machine but even Mercedes need tune ups.

  7. Cathy_of_Alex says:

    Father: There is nothing wrong with your spiritual vision and that’s what
    really counts. Hey, doesn’t this tie-in to the Mass readings for the
    23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time?

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