Sunday Mass on Z-Cam

Well… I think Mass is going to be at 0900 Sabine Daylight Time (=CDT) which is 1600 in Rome. If it is going to be earlier, well…. I’ll post what I can when I can.

I could stick a small window of the live stream on the left menu, I suppose, but then you would necessarily get the stream on every page of the blog.

[UPDATE: Yes, Mass is at 0900 CDT.  I will use the 1962 Missale Romanum – which means 14th Sunday after Pentecost and no 2nd Confiteor.  I’ll just have a couple people there today, so tune in an unite your prayers to the Sacrifice.]

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  1. mike says:

    Dear Father,

    Now that you’ve mentioned the 2nd confiteor, its got me all curious. I’ve noticed that whether its added or not varies from place to place. Apparently some FSSP priests add it, some don’t. And the same with the SSPX as well. Could you enlighten me?

  2. Mike: By the time the 1962 edition of the Missal was issued, the 2nd Confiteor had been dropped. While use of the 2nd Confiteor is, in my mind, not too big a deal, the fact remains that the Holy See has given permission to use the 1962 Missale Romanum, and not an earlier edition. All things being equal, I think the 2nd Confiteor was retained for a few occasions in the 1962 edition, such as a Solemn High Mass, but it is not done otherwise.

    On an additional note, according to the legislation and the directive issued by the Pontifical Communion \”Ecclesia Dei\”, it is possible to incorporate some of the new prefaces and readings with the 1962 Missal. On the other hand, the 1962 edition should be respected for what it is, not supplemented with things it had eliminated.

  3. Jon says:

    Father & Mike,

    Interesting topic. I attend with my family our diocese’s indult Mass, which is an apostolate of the FSSP. My oldest son, 12, is training to serve the Mass. Yesterday morning at practice, the very subject came up.

    The gentleman training the boys is a very lithe eighty years old. During celebration our altar boys always pray the second Confiteor after the Non sum dignus. As they were going through the motions, the gentleman stopped and said to me, “This was one of the most surprising things to me when I began attending Mass here. When I served as a boy back in the thirties, and I served at the cathedral for the bishop, we never used a second Confiteor.”

    I explained to him that during one of my visits to the FSSP HQ up in Scranton, a young priest told me that the Fraternity had a special indult from the Holy See to use it. At the time I didn’t question him about particulars. But now I’m beginning to wonder. Next time I’m in Scranton for work, which will be over the next week or two, I’ll be sure to ask again. I’ll bring back a report.

  4. Joshua says:

    I was under the impression that the rubrics issued in 1960 (note: not 62) simply ommitted the 2nd Confiteor. I have been told that since it was ommitted there cannot be construed any obligation to use it, Solemn Mass or Low. But I was also told that it was not aborogated and could still be used where it is custom (in the ’62 Rite). I have seen it used in Low Mass and High, and ommitted in both (sometimes the same priest celebrating).

    About the SSPX even ommitting it or doing it, they follow the same logic. They say it was abolished in 1960 because of it being a late addition, but since it was not aborogated they decided (in 1978) to allow it where it was deemed as custom (namely where it had been continued after the 1960 changes on force of custom). So hence their practice varies. And it seems that would be a good way of handling it and is done by the indult group as well.

  5. Séamas says:

    All you need is some recording software, and you can
    record the masses and such through the webcam.

    Then, those of us on the west coast who aren’t up that
    early (or are gone to a live mass) can also enjoy Padre
    Z offering up the old mass.

    This one is freeware:

    There are many others.

  6. Joshua: Did you see the Mass streamed this morning? Just curious.

  7. Proklos says:

    I especially miss the second Confiteor. If not serving it is easy to miss it in the preparation. The dropping of it foreshadowed the removing of all repetitions in the mass. But mastering the art of prayer for Catholics is mastering the art of repetition. God created us to worship Him not to be given new information. The Confiteor is an expression of a spiritual disposition preparing us to receive our Lord. Such a disposition could be expressed wordlessly. But the mass is rationablis or logikos and the priest has prayed in the canon that it be such. So speech is important in this sacrifice which is logikos. So speech at mass is not merely a source of information or learing but a tool of worship and adoration adn praise. At the same moment in the Byzantine rite, by the way. the server says the prayer.”Make me O Son of God today a partaker of Thy mystic banquet and I shall not reveal Thy mysteries unto Thine enemies, nor betray Thee as did Judas but confess Thy name as did the thief. Remember me, O Lord, when Thou comest into Thy Kingdom” or words to that effect. The last phrase repeats the refrain of Beatitudes which have been chanted in the liturgy of the catechumens. The motive is disposing the soul just before reception of holy communion.

    So I wish you would include the second Confiteor. It was perhaps a mistake to settle on the 1962 rite. But people were so starved for the full adequacy of the mass as tool of devotion that it seemed pointless to complain. In our parish they advertise the 1962 rite but hardly any of the priests who say the indult mass follow it. People of course notice. But no one has protested. It is a famous parish in a large American city. Also, in our city some parishes have always ignored the ICEL translations. With all that priests do in disobedience to commit material acts of sacrilege, should we who are trying to worship God in spirit and in truth be beholden to the letter of the law or its spirit?

  8. Catholic Lady says:

    I too was still sleeping when the Mass was celebrated – wish it had been recorded for the same reasons as Jon noted.

    The Indult I attend here, FFSP (and previously diocesean priests) all use the second confetior. When I was in another state, also FFSP, no second confetior. I was told it is not required but not forbidden either and so it seems to be at the discretion of the celebrating priest.

  9. Catholic Lady says:

    PS: as to custom – I can much better tolerate a second confetior if it is the custom, than I can holding hands during the pater noster at a novos odo Mass because it is “the custom”.

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