Full day

I am back in full swing here, I think. I had interviews with a couple papers back home and set up a "hit" with FNC for tomorrow. Lunch brought us a sort of elicoidali with ragù followed by a little slice of beef with a green salad. Supper gave us some minestrone and, for me, more salad, but followed by gorgonzola and a pear. I am taking considerable heat and ribbing at meals by the fact that I am American. Apparently Pres. Bush is the devil and Americans are obsessed with bombs. Today I had conversations in Italian, English, French, Chinese and German and began to make some new friends, new residents, in The House. (I do not live in the American ghetto here… which means that I actually speak Italian and other tongues and understand them when spoken… inter alia… even though some people elsewhere think I don’t know anything!    o{]:¬)    ) The coffee at the nearby bar is as good as ever. Today I read Augustine, Ephrem and other Fathers. Mass, breviary, a long walk to the P.za del Popolo and a big circle back. Some writing on the blog. Here at the end, a little scotch and Braveheart.

As I turn me head, here is the view. I miss The Sabine Farm.

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  1. Father:

    Today, I worked on bingo, had Mass at the nursing home, met with the principal, worked on youth ministry, worked on office re-orgnization, and did a little blogging here and there.

    Wanna trade? (Grin.)

    Seriously, would I be out of line in asking, what do you do? Are you pursuing studies?

  2. Fr. Fox: Sounds great on your end too! Glamor is not in the details, but the goal.

  3. Yu-Yu says:

    You speak Chinese??? Now, that beats your life in La Dolce Vita Clericale!

  4. Diane says:

    Hey – is this post formatted funny for anyone else? The blank white space between the text and photo appears about one WDTPRS post length.

  5. Diane says:

    Nevermind. It’s formatted properly now. Welcome back home in Rome!

  6. Séamas says:

    Fr. Fox,

    Father Zuhlsdorf is a top secret agent of the pope. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

  7. Geoffrey says:

    A view like that makes me hope and pray more and more to visit the Eternal City! How wonderful it must be to look out your window and see Saint Peter’s in the distance. I wonder if after living there one becomes immune? I live with the Pacific Ocean in view, and so many people here do not even notice it after a while…

  8. Henry Edwards says:

    Father Z: Did you get any idea when you’ll be on FNC today?

  9. Henry: This seems to have been for an upcoming special. It won’t be on today.

  10. Diane says:

    Fr Z: Will you be permitted to give us a little advance notice, or are you not privvy to such things?

  11. Mila says:

    Fr Z: Does your gig with FNC involve Greg Burke? I haven’t heard from him in a while. Do give us some advance notice so we can watch!

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