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I have been having a hard time getting my webcam to stream through the firewall of my residence in Rome, and so the Z-Cam has been offline. I discovered, however, that Yahoo Messenger (wdtprs) could allow people to view my webcam. Do any of you have any experience with this?

Fr. Z

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  1. Father: I’ve used Super Webcam thru Yahoo Messenger. It’s for use
    for broadband. The drawbacks are: still have to disable both the viewer and host
    firewalls, only one person can view at a time, the other viewer must also
    have broadband, both of you must have the latest version of Super Webcam.

    I don’t know if Yahoo has a regular (non-super) version of Webcam that may help. Perhaps,
    someone else does.

  2. So, I take it only other Yahoo Messenger users can use this. Perhaps I should start taking requests from people to view my cam?

  3. Geoffrey says:

    With Yahoo Instant Messenger, no one can view your webcam unless you give them permission or invite them. And yes, only other Yahoo Messenger users could use this.

  4. Hard to invite people, if I don’t know their addresses! o{]:¬)

  5. Geoffrey says:

    You’d have to let people know your Yahoo Screen-Name, then if they have one, they could add you to your list… if you allow them, that is.

  6. Geoffrey says:

    You’d have to let people know your Yahoo Screen-Name, then if they have one, they could add you to their list… if you allow them, that is!

  7. wdtprs

    Big surprise, right?

  8. Geoffrey says:

    Ha ha! I sent you an add request, Father.

  9. Victor says:

    I am quite happy the webcam is not working any more. When it still worked, every time I wanted to access your page it took a veeery looong time to load. So, is there no way to place the webcam on an extra page so not everybody who reads your very fine posts has to load the webcam too?
    Just a thought

  10. Victor: This is a different webcam setup right now. Also, I had ASKED people for feedback about having it on the page when I did have it on the page and no one said there was a problem.

  11. Victor says:

    You’re probably right – I should have given feedback. Sorry for that. Anyway, keep on the good work, I enjoy it very much!

  12. Victor: I appreciate you mentioning the problem you had. If you had that problem, I imagine others did too. I will take that into consideration if I get the other webcam stream working again.

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