I have friends in Rome right now and there has been a certain measure of eating out.   

Although we had wine from Tuscany, last night’s supper involved saltimbocca alla romana and an artichoke, carciofo alla romana.

I did not eat my ever present cellphone, however. 

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  1. Vincenzo says:

    I wish that I had some of that now.

  2. RBrown says:


    My question is about your cell phone. Do you have one service that works in North America and Europe? Or is it necessary to have two different services?

  3. William says:

    It is entirely possible to have one cell service that works in Europe and the USA, but you will be roaming in one of the two locations – and that means an outrageous bill.

    Someone who spends a lot of time in both places will probably want two services, both GSM-based, using the same phone. That way, you just switch sim cards when you change continents.

    Someone who is merely traveling can either 1) Purchase a prepaid card in the travel destination location, and insert it in his GSM phone from home or 2) rent a phone in the travel destination location.

    Father Z, your previous Campari-Soda post reminded me once again of the great Americano cocktail – a thoroughly Italian concoction: 1 part Campari, 1 part Italian Vermouth (I use Cinzano), 1 part fizzy water – a nice mineral water is an excellent choice but around here I usually use Schweppes. Replace the water with gin and you get a Negroni – a decent cocktail but the juniper of the gin doesn’t blend perfectly with the herbs of the Campari and Vermouth to my palate.

  4. swmichigancatholic says:

    Ah yes, Italian culinary consolation. I hope the MP comes out soon…

    Not that I wouldn’t like some Italian dinner. I WOULD!

    Penne ala Matriciana for me.

  5. Father: I’m glad you are posting photos of your culinary experiences again.
    But, now I’m really hungry-sigh.

    I bet you already have your meal planned for the occasion of
    the motu proprio release!

    I’m glad you are feeling better and your PodcaZt’s are back.

  6. danphunter1 says:

    When in Rome, Bishop Williamson loves to enjoy Saltimbocca,or so I have heard.
    God bless you.

  7. danphunter1 says:

    I am NOT referring to the SSPX Bishop Williamson but a retired aux. Bishop of North Carolina.
    God bless you.

  8. William: Yes, I know the Negroni. Thanks for the reminder!

    swmichigan: For my first, I did the right thing and had bucatini alla matriciana. It would never occur to a Roman to eat penne that way. brrrrr

    Cathy: I have plans for that day. Believe me.

    dan: I forgive you for mentioning him in the same thread with me.

  9. swmichigancatholic says:

    Ah well, that’s probably what I was eating then. ;) It was scrumptious. I like gnocchi too.

  10. swmichigancatholic says:

    You’re very fortunate to live there, unless you have a gruesome job. Ahhh, even then. ;) I’m stuck here in the land of velveeta and spam. I don’t eat either one, BTW. :p~~

  11. Mac McLernon says:

    I’d rather eat the cellphone than the artichoke… but ooooh! saltimbocca!

  12. RBrown says:

    Artichokes (carciofi) are wonderful.

    And the Roman restaurants will often offer a plate of small, tender artichokes, mushrooms, and zucchini that have all been marinated. Delicious. And my favorite Roman pizza is the Capriociosa, with, among other things, artichoke hearts, an egg, black olives, and prosciutto.

  13. Diane says:

    My gallbladder is hurting just looking at the oil (if that’s what the artichoke is in). Funny thing is that I no longer have a gall-bladder.

    So, Fr. Z, when you are going to start posting recipes with the pics?

  14. Scott says:

    Hi Diane!

    Actually, olive oil is very good for you. :)

    These pics make me miss Rome!

  15. Vincenzo says:

    “Actually, olive oil is very good for you. :)”

    I consider it to be a major food group. :-D

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