The Angel Bridge

On the way home from the library tonight I got caught in the rain, actually in a hailstorm.  But as it was coming in, I saw… well…

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  1. jmgarciaiii says:

    Please, Fr. Z., tell me there’s a Motu Proprio at its end…


  2. catholiclady says:

    Exactly what I was going to post – LOL. All day yesterday, the anticipated Monday, I looked for it.

    Where in the world is the Motu Proprio?????

  3. Henry Edwards says:

    Catholic Lady,

    Perhaps the real question now is whether it comes on April 30 (St. Pius V on new calendar) or on May 5 (St. Pius V on old calendar), and thus where Benedict’s feelings about all this really lie.

  4. Theodoricus says:

    Yes Father Z. You must know more..please tell us!

  5. Bruno Maria says:

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    is the elusive Motu Proprio
    In April some say
    or perhaps in May
    The feast of Pius V might be the key
    but old or new we’ll have to wait and see
    I’ll take April 30 or May 5
    but please God just let it arrive!

    Okay it’s bad poetry but I’m sort of laughing because last year at this time many of the blogs were speculating the Feast of Pius V and now we’ve come full circle. Cany you believe it… this has been on our plates for a year.

  6. A fine photograph indeed.

  7. j hughes dunphy says:

    Dear Father Zuhlsdorf:
    One of those celestial creatures must be Michael who has defended all
    traditional Catholics through the last forty years of post Vatican II
    liturgical chaos to this most anticipated of popes in sometime: Pope
    Benedict XVI who will bring the best of news to all these suffering
    Catholics who have long awaited the return of orthodox Roman Catholic
    worship in its fullness. Yes, the second celestial spirit must be Raphael,
    the bearer of good news.

    Pope Benedict XVI shall truly be the exemplar of an authentic orthodox
    Roman Catholic pope and Vicar of Christ for some time. Why? He will be
    certainly the most Roman by returning the Church to its truly Latin heritage
    with the Latin Mass; truly he shall be the most orthodox with the most authentic
    form of worship that stretches back to the Upper Room for its credibility
    and correctness of teaching the faith through its most perfect of prayers,
    the Mass, as codified by the Council of Trent; and truly the most Catholic insofar as he will
    return the Church to its most traditional form of worship that has always
    been relevant to all races, nations, and peoples especially because of its Latin

    May your beautiful and prophetic vision of an evening in Rome be
    the hopeful inspiration of all our prayers for Pope Benedict XVI and
    his apostolic fervor as Vicar of Christ. God bless you and all the
    great orthodox Roman Catholic traditionalists who love the Tridentine Mass!!!

    j hughes dunphy

  8. Geri says:

    I have a very nice, maybe 10 inch high? copy of one of the angels, makde by Fontaninit, or Roman.

    Lovely shot, Fr Z.

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World!)

  9. Peter says:

    The first thing that came to my mind with that shot was both the Angels set to guard Eden and God’s covenant with Noah, “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. (Gn 9:13)” I hadn’t even contemplated it reflecting on the Motu, but perhaps maybe it does in a way. Anyway, beautiful shot, Father.

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