9 Aug: Fr. Z in Cleveland – blognic

On 8 August I fly to Cleveland where I will be for a few days.

We have said that there will be a blognic on Saturday morning 9 August.

The plans must be firmed up now, I think.

Let’s meet, on Saturday 9 August, let’s say at 10:30noon, at The Phoenix Coffee Co. at Mayfied and S. Green Road, in S. Euclid.

This is very informal.  You buy your own coffee, or whatever, and come and go as you wish, with no pressure. 


The blognic took place on time and quite a few people showed up.  It was a great time and I am grateful to all those who made the effort to come.


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  1. athanasius says:

    When are you coming to Post Falls, ID? Lots of good hunting and an FSSP church for you.

  2. athanasius: I haven’t been invited.

  3. Consider yourself invited to Cincinnati.

  4. Tim Troutman says:

    Consider yourself invited to Charlotte, NC as well. We have a group called Liturgy & Lager that meets once a month.

  5. Kirk Rich says:


    Will you offer up the Holy Sacrifice sometime during your stay?

  6. mysticalrose says:

    Please consider yourself invited to Philly, Fr. Z!!

  7. bryan says:


    I believe the good father will be at Mater Ecclesiae in Camden (just a short bridge ride
    over to the people’s Republic of New Joisey) for the celebration on the 15th of this month.

    Close enough for me (Morrisville…). May try to entice some of the weekly rosary group
    from the Ave Maria Shop to travel down (both for the Mass, as well as to finally meet

  8. Sam Schmitt says:

    I attended your mass at St. Gregory’s in S. Euclid the last time you were in the Cleveland area, Father. But I just moved from Cleveland last month!

    I’m regretting it already . . .

  9. athanasius says:

    athanasius: I haven’t been invited.

    I’m sure between various Post Falls bloggers we would be quite happy to invite you! I’ll talk to my pastor and see if he would be willing to host you.

  10. Tom says:

    I’ll buy your coffee tomorrow, Father..

  11. Lori says:

    I have never been to a blognic. Please come to Farmersville, Texas. I will actually grind the coffee and milk the goat for your coffee. I even have local honey to sweeten it with. Father Paul Weinberger would be thrilled if you came to visit. Just come after September 17th. I will be in Lourdes, France volunteering in the Piscines and Pope Benedict will be there too!

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