Vatican Blackout

I heard from my spies that last night there was a massive power outage in the Vatican. 

Apparently, the Vatican City State’s electricity totally failed for 10 minutes.

The lights did not go off in St. Peter’s Square because that power comes from outside the Vatican.  The lights on the facade of St. Peter’s went black.

I am just facetious enough to suggest that even had the power gone off during the day, it might not really have affected the efficiency of the Curia.

But I bet the Vatican’s gendarmes got pretty excited.

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  1. RichR says:

    It’s hard for American’s to get their heads around the fact that St. Peter’s Basilica (the “new” edition) was around for 200 years before the first electric light bulb. They are probably one of the few areas in a first world country that can function without electricity.

  2. Flambeaux says:

    Well, you’re likely right, waggishness aside. Isn’t it Feragosto over there right now? Or was that the first half of August?

  3. PNP, OP says:

    RichR, I’m sorry, but which first world country are you talking about? ;-)

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