WDTPRS Pelosi parody songs


I just got a wonderful Pelosi parody song from the Official WDTPRS Songwriter, Timothy the Parodist.

I am waiting for the final version and I’ll post it!

UPDATE from Timothy the Parodist:

Nancy singing I left my heart in San Francisco
Planned Parenthood contributes,
To my campaign each year,
NARAL, NOW and Move-On:
Agendas I hold dear,
Though raised a faithful Catholic,
Faith’s precepts I’ve forgotten,
I’m standing firm,
for abortion on demand!
I sold my soul in San Francisco,
Abortion mills? They’re fine by me!
I stand with Biden and Kissling;
Patristic proof-texting,
The bishops scowl and pull their hair,
I don’t care.
I still believe, that I am Catholic,
Though I put babies to the knife
I’m glad that Burke’s not here in San Francisco,
Or I’d be running for my life.

More to come!  Keep checking!


To the turn "Nancy With the Laughing Face" (Where’s the Nelson Riddle Orchestra when you really need them?)

She’s on TV each day now Mister,
Bending dogmatic truth that twisted sister,
She causes huge headaches,
Our Nancy, with the double face
She twists Augustine into a pretzel,
Causing more scandal than Johann Tetzel
Picture Cthulu in lace
That’s Nancy with the double face
Someone grab those bells and start ringing
I’ve the candle and book in tow
It’s “Lacrimosa” the monks are singing
“Anathema sit,” you know!
Archbishop, tell her “Stop! Desist!” Her
Logic is making my cortex blister,
She has become a disgrace,
That Nancy, with the double face!
Egan and Wuerl and Chaput all diss her,
All of those unborn children sure wouldn’t miss her
Believe me, they’ve got a case
With Nancy, of the double face


I received the following from a reader:

Hello Fr. Z,
I like to write limericks, especially when people like Nancy Pelosi give me good material to work with!

Ode to Nancy

Senator Nancy Pelosi,
Has theology weak as Jello-si,
She quotes from Augustine
But must take a dustin’
From those who are in the know-si.
Nancy Pelosi’s the Speaker,
But her theology is really much weaker
Than she’d like to admit;
It’s giving her fits,
But it hasn’t made her much meeker.
Communion’s important, she’s announcing,
As the Church’s teaching she’s renouncing.
She wants to receive;
She says she believes.
But the Bishops gave her a trouncing.
We witness amazing contortion,
Not to mention doctrinal distortion,
When Nancy comes in
With her version of sin,
And her political stance on abortion.
“Abortion just might not be wrong
If the woman’s not too far along.”
Roe v. Wade preaching
Replaces Church teaching
As Nancy’s political song.
Abortion is wrong – she must know!
But with her record, it sure doesn’t show.
She’s Catholic, she said,
But her faith must be dead.
Nancy: you’ll reap what you sow.


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  1. Joaquín says:

    Fr. Z:
    I admire your work and i’ve learned a lot from your posts. I frequently check this page, but i leave no comments. This is my first one.
    I think to post a parody song about Pelosi is not the best way to prove her wrong and correct her. Maybe it would be an act of charity to repress some of the jokes about her (or about anyone who is in ignorance), and to concentrate all efforts in reducing the amount of damage that her misleading comments about the Church can cause to other people.
    I don’t know if i’m being too serious or not about this matter. But the “it’s not right” thought was my first reaction to the “Pelosi song”…

    Greetings, and keep up the good work!

    Santiago, Chile.

  2. Joaquín: Send it to me by e-mail, and I will take a look!

  3. Mark M says:

    I too thought this maybe in poor taste, but then again I’m not in America and don’t have a finger on the pulse there…

  4. Jack Regan says:

    I admit that my only understanding of American politics comes from Jed Bartlet, Josh and Sam… but it very much seems to me that it’s all about money. In other words, each Senator, Congressman etc has their reelection campaigns paid for by certain special interest groups.

    If I am right in assuming this, then surely the solution for Catholics is to tell Pelosi and co. that they (US Catholics) will pay the bills that NARAL won’t pay once they start sticking up for Catholic positions. There are enough rich Catholic businessmen in the US, like the Dominos Pizza guy if memory serves. I’m sure most Catholics wouldn’t object to a few retiring collections each year to fund the reelection of Catholic politicians either. You do have retiring collections in the US right?

    Okay, so I know the answer to all this is that Pelosi and the others should support the Church regardless and trust that God will provide, and I don’t disagree with that, but hey…

  5. TJM says:

    Looks like a pretty fair parody to me. The truth, often expressed in parody, does hurt. Tom

  6. Brian says:

    Would it be indelicate to state that the greatest enemy of the Church is Satan, and that he may well be influencing Catholic leaders of the most powerful country in the world to engage in public scandal and sacrilege? These leaders of the deluded stand proudly smiling in the glory of his “pro-choice” victory celebration in the diocese of a faithful Catholic Archbishop. (Perhaps this is the reason that the “spirit of Vatican II” loves puppets so much.)

    I pray that God’s shepherds will use their God-given staffs to drive the snakes and foxes away from His
    flock. Teach the lost leaders to honor the human life that He created in His image. Do not allow those who unwittingly mock the Church to engage in the false reception of Communion, which they may be receiving to their condemnation.

  7. supertradmom says:

    For a few painful moments, I saw Nancy Pelosi onstage at the Democratic Convention. (No, I am not a Democrat) and I thought how sad that this beautiful woman, who has so many talents and gifts given to her by God, the Father, would compromise her soul for the sake of a few years of fame.

    We should pray for her.

  8. Philothea says:

    Having sent Fr. Z my own parody in the form of a limerick, I must say that, although I agree that we must pray pray pray for these politicians (and I do), I find that poking a little fun at the situation helps me to maintain my sanity.

  9. tara says:

    Very good parody songs! Hopefully someone will send them to her–and she will be “enlightened” to her evil ways–and change! At this point, even after being corrected to our true Church teachings–she still seems to remain clueless!

  10. If this whole Pelosi affair shows anything, it surely shows that taking a pastoral (read: limp-wristed) approach to politicians who vote in favour of abortion has not worked.

  11. PMW says:

    While we must continue to work toward the end of the massacre of human life through the horror of abortion, I am continually astounded how a priest who is so usually compelling and sensitive to the moral controversies of our time (c.f. the recent post on women’s “right” to vote) can be so insensitive about Speaker Pelosi. We have serious differences, differences over the very nature of life, but to mock someone and deride them or even encourage that kind of behavior is shocking to me. Those with whom we argue, debate and even fight aren’t necessarily taking their offending positions out of vanity, malice or deliberate evil. Those among us who are misguided are to be prayed for. Taking a sensitive, pastoral approach, it seems to me, is our only option. If it doesn’t work, then we leave that to God. We try to do God’s work, but if it’s not accomplished in our lifetime we can join the legions of saints who have similarly fought the good fight imperfectly. No need to get snide and derisive of people, albeit misguided and morally sub-par, who are probably trying to do the best they can with their limited understanding. Election years are so ugly…

  12. Jeff says:

    Thought you might enjoy this (just press the play button to listen):


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