At Mount St. Mary Semimary

Father Pasley and I are at Mt. St. Mary Seminary in Emmitsburg, MD where we have been warmly welcomed by the rector, some faculty and students. There is a good spirit here. It seems to have everything the seminary I went to was lacking. Of course … consistent with anything having to do with Holy Church, getting on line is not going well. This, I am working from my phone again, which is a pain indeed. I need a connect card. Tomorrow Father P and I will visit St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and Gettysburg Battlefield after Masses here in the chapel. I am excited to visit the battlefield. I glimpsed monuments in silhouette against the sky at dusk.

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  1. Michael says:

    Father Z., I presume you know that Professor Germain Grisez, the author of the best modern book on Moral Theology, The Way of the Lord Jesus (three volumes), several other books and some 200 articles, teaches at the Mount St. Mary University; likewise Fr. Peter Ryan, S.J., Moral Theologian, who participated in writing this monumental work. Both are loyal to the Teaching of the Church in all matters, which are now contested by dissenting theologians. If you see them, please, convey to them my best regards

  2. TJ says:

    While you are in Gettysburg, you should also visit the famous Lutheran Seminary.

  3. Lucia says:


    Mount St Mary’s is beautiful! Enjoy it while you are here. :)

  4. Geoff says:

    “Mons Sanctae Mariae” = Mount St. Mary’s, with a possessive. I don’t know why everyone wants to leave the ‘s off.

  5. Tecumseh says:

    Light a candle for General Sherman and all other poor souls who had to go to war, victims and survivors. Thanks Father.

  6. Geoff says:

    Sorry, I should have said, \”Please.\” Chalk it up to a proud alumnus getting carried away, please.

  7. Jon says:


    If you’re going to lunch at Gettysburg today, I’d suggest the Dobbin House on Steinwehr, which runs right along the battlefield Head downstairs to Williamsburg-like tavern. Also, there’s a smaller version of Harrisburg’s Appalachian Brewing Company on Buford if you find you’ve worked up a thirst (use your GPS). ABC is right across from the Lutheran Theological Seminary. There you can see the historic cupola that General Buford stood in as he watched the Confederates move into town – I’m sure you’ve seen the scene in the movie with Sam Elliott as General “Take the HIGH ground” Buford.

  8. bryan says:

    You should have mentioned you were going to visit the battlefield…I would have given you a personal tour (having served as a licensed battlefield guide there for a while….).

  9. Jon says:

    PS – And don’t forget to take in the famous Cyclorama painting in it’s new home. I took my family to see it after Mass a few weeks ago. Very well done. I was afraid the whole new exhibit center would be very politically correct, and was pleasantly surprised at the balance. Well worth the visit.

  10. Jackie says:

    There are a couple of places where wireless is easier to get on, although I am not sure i fit will work with your phone. The Cafeteria and the Library are the big ones. Cell phone connections are crazy, at least when i went tehre a few years ago. Some places where perfect connections and 1 foot away would be a dead zone. The Mount is a wonderful place indeed!

  11. Andrew says:


    At Gettysburg, someone recommended the Dobbin House. I also recommend the Gingerbread Man, or if you’re into a very relaxed atmosphere with decent food, O’Rourke’s Tavern.

    Don’t forget to visit the statue of “Fair Catch” Corby (a copy of the one at Notre Dame)!

  12. Padre Steve says:

    Gettysburg Battlefield is one of my favorite places to visit! Being a Southerner from New Orleans makes the site bittersweet of course! I enjoy visiiting the Louisiana memorial to St. Barbara, the patron-saint of artillerymen. Enjoy!

  13. John Fannon says:

    Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address – the noblest speech in the English language.

  14. Tom A. says:

    If you have time, the battlefield at Antietam is also well worth the visit.
    Not nearly as commercialized as Gettysburg.

  15. Gettysburg is one of the greatest places on the face of the earth. Hallowed ground. It is not commercialized at all.

  16. Tom A. says:

    The surrounding area near the Gettysburg battlefield is quite developed compared to the
    area surrounding Antietam.

  17. PRP says:

    Father, please pray for America during this trip. You are traveling in areas of Catholic America’s triumphant history over many evils. Please do interest yourself in the story of Prince (later Father) Gallitzen and the Wizard Clip. Pray for and to the Holy Souls as you pass through the area where many died and are buried. We desperately need the help of the prayers of the Church Suffering. Maybe with God’s permission, they will pray for their descendents, that they do not commit evil on Nov 4. I’ve never been so bold to ask before in my entire life, but then again I’ve never been so frightened before.

  18. mcitl says:

    Yes, to those who have recommended dining at the Dobbin House Tavern, there was at that place found three sacerdos supping together Monday evening with fraternal conviviality, solving the problems of the Church and the world with tongues well oiled by the ferment of the grape and stomachs well-satisfied with the fruits of man’s labor on sea and land.

  19. Steven says:

    Msgr. Stephen Rohlfs was my vocatiosn director in Peoria before he went ot the Mount. He was one of the first priests in the Peoria Diocese to get the indult to to say the Tridentine Mass in the early 90’s. A truely amazing and inspiring priest

  20. Hagerstown, MD, is not far from Gettysburg or Emmitsburg and has a SUPERB German (Bavarian) restaurant Schmankerl Stube. I went there to celebrate Pope B16’s election and the anniversary thereof. Only 75 miles from my rectory. SEHR GUT

  21. Fr. Trigilio: too bad we didn’t hear about that place earlier! Next time.

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