KC Blognic underway!

The blognic is underway! We started later because Mass at Old St Patrick’s started late and went long. Coffee is hot and strong.

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  1. Jacob says:

    But Father, but Father…

    Now I really am getting jealous. ;)

    Swing through Iowa if you get a chance one of these days.

  2. Father Totton says:

    Gordon Biersch Brewery in the P & L District Downtown might be a good venue. Or perhaps the new giant “Irish Pub” Ragland Road. Both are a short walk from the Cathedral Hall where the post-consecration reception is to be held. Just a couple suggestions.

  3. Christopher says:

    Fr. I hope to see you then as well
    Maybe get another photo with you for the ole’ facebook

    See you tomorrow

  4. Craig says:

    Actually, I could talk to the owner of the Quaff, he is a member of the Cathedral’s Knights of Columbus Council (14489) and I bet he would be happy to host us somewhere in his place.

    I am sure the organizers have it all in control, but I am here to help if needed.

  5. John6:54 says:

    I hope its on a day I can make it.

  6. Terri says:

    California could use a lift via a visit from you, I truly am starting to get blognic-envy…just something else I get to offer up I suppose!

  7. I agree with Terri, we could use a lift out here in Ca. I’m in one of the few places of Liturgical orthodoxy….but the visit is for all else who suffer here in Ca.

  8. Brody Flavin says:

    Father, when the plans are set please post them as soon as you can. I live in Wichita and may be able to make it up there depending on what day it is.

  9. Austin says:

    Not all of us are so fortunate as to get tickets to the St Pat rededication so we will appreciate seeing you all the more.
    I like the Irish Pub idea, in honor of the Oratory’s patron.

  10. ED says:

    Come To Sacramento, geat group at St. stephen’s FSSP parish, where Father John Berg had his first parish!!!

  11. David Cheney says:

    I’ll try to make it – any info on a rough date/time so I can try to be free?

  12. Jordanes says:

    Come To Sacramento, geat group at St. stephen’s FSSP parish

    A Geat group? Is their preist Father Hygelac?

  13. Fr. Shawn says:

    It would be great to meet you when you come to town. I look forward to the details.

  14. patrick f says:

    Now I wish I could have made plans to go there for the consecration, all to see Fr. Z in person. Gorgeous church. Bishop Finn has ties to st. louis too, so his actions dont go unnoticed, particularly by the more “conservative” crowd as people like to call us.

    I hope to get there soon, maybe for the feast day of its patron, who of course is my own. Cant think of a better thing to do on St. Patrick’s day!

  15. all: mass started 20 minutes late and was very long. I am obviously late for the blognic.

  16. David Cheney says:

    Fr. Z – I forgot to ask a question at the gathering today: what do you think of the rumors that B16 might raise the retirement age for bishops from 75 to 78?

  17. It was nice to meet you at the blognic today, Father. And nice to meet everyone else as well!

  18. Chad Toney says:

    Yes, it was great to meet everyone. Wish I could’ve hung out longer!

  19. RichR says:

    Hey David Cheney,

    This is Rich, one of your old roomies at SJV. Great to see your photo here in Z-ville.

  20. David Cheney says:

    Howdy Rich!

    Great to hear from you – how’s the teeth biz? Is SJV still around?

    FYI, you can reach me via my website feedback form.

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