KC: local media coverage of Old St Patrick

Today I see in the KC STAR on B5 a black and white photo and box on the consecration of Old St Patrick.

I wonder if the KC based National Catholic *Reporter* covered the event.

After all… this is their own back yard, very close to their HQ.

NCRep made a special effort to cover dissident Fr. Richard McBrien’s recent visit to KC.

McBrien criticized Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict and tried to confuse the faithful about the fundamental importance of life in this election cycle.

The Reporter sure covered that!

Was NCRep not interested? Will they have no coverage positive or negative?

I’m just askin’….


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  1. John Michael says:

    Of course it will Father.

    It will be next to their feature article, ‘Bishop Finn For Pope!”


  2. Jerry says:

    The publication is not known as the National Catholic Distorter for no reason…

  3. Phil (NL) says:

    I think the correct question is: did they find out yet? :p

  4. Al says:

    “The National Catholic Reporter covering the event.”

    Surely you can’t be serious?

  5. TJM says:

    The National Anti-Catholic Reporter is always fighting the last war, hopelessly mired in the 1960s. They are predictable and boring, other than for
    John Allen who actually has some very worthwhile things to say. He is an “Army of 1” there. Tom

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