Thanks to readers and news

I am very grateful to those of you who have used the donation button recently.  Frankly, I had some dental problems and your help is really useful.

Also, many thanks to HB of GA who use my amazon wish list to send Responses to Miscellaneous Questions one of a modern series of translations of the works of St. Augustine of Hippo. 

I read Latin pretty easily, but there are times when using a translation is helpful.  The translation theory in this series is a bit "dynamic", if you get my meaning.  It is slightly more modern than the Latin allows.  The editors are trying to present the "sound" of Augustine’s voice as he spoke and wrote.  That has both strengths and drawbacks.  I am not in favor of the dynamic translation theory for liturgy, of course.

Also, I am pleased to observe that you all made it possible for WDTPRS to come in first in the Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Religious Blog

These awards are good for keeping Catholic blogs in the spotlight.  They help to create benchmarks to which people can refer when they are wondering what is happening in the Catholic blogosphere. 

So, this benchmark is a feather in your collective cap and I am grateful for your participation.

Now… about that nomination for 2009

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Vincenzo says:

    “Also, I am pleased to observe that you all made it possible for WDTPRS to come in first in the Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Religious Blog. “


  2. Kradcliffe says:

    I *knew* it was a dental problem… and I almost made a crack about flossing more frequently, but then I thought, “Well, if I’m wrong that might just upset him instead of amuse him…” but I think it’s funny I guessed correctly.

    So, um, floss regularly.

    Congratulations on the Bloggers Choice Awared

  3. Kay says:

    Congratulations! It’s a well-deserved honor.

  4. Dominic H says:

    Many congratulations on this award: but for all of the TOP TEN religious blogs there being Catholic, and mainly orthodox/traditional at that….wow

  5. Mary Conces says:

    Congratulations, Father!
    You deserve kudos/awards/thanks from my standpoint because you provide a channel to what I like to think of as MY world, from which I would otherwise be more or less estranged.
    Is there any way those of us who would like to make a donation could do it other than by computer? I’m a dinosaur who just doesn’t do financial transactions that way. (Not that I’m in a position to offer you more than a “token of my esteem”, unfortunately.

  6. Dominic: Yes! Excellent observation and great blogs. This shows that the Catholic blogosphere is vital!

  7. Dave Fritz says:

    Thanks, Fr. Z, for your inflamatory (to some) talk at St. Augustine’s in South Saint Paul on Tuesday eve (Oct. 14th). I asked you about Bl. John XXIII’s 1960 Apostolic Constitution “Veterum Sapientiae”. If Catholics are required to assent with mind and will to this kind of expression of the Magisterium (as I understand we must), was it (and is it) a sin to introduce the vernacular into the Mass? Or am I very much mistaken?

  8. Neil says:

    Don’t count your chickens for 2009. That Limey is snapping at your heels.

  9. Congratulations,

    I am very please that the top 3 blogs are all faithful to the Catholic Church & Catholic tradition.

  10. Hettie B. says:

    Congratulations, Father! Well deserved first place! :D

    Just like Kradcliffe above, I somehow knew you were having dental issues! Granted, I might have gotten that idea just because I’ve had my own dental issues and they’ve been on my mind so much.

    Please remember me in your prayers, Father, as I have still more dental work to be done–and going to the dentist makes me a nervous wreck (not least because of the $$$ it requires).

  11. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Congratulations Father. I hope this encourages you to continue this blog. This vote is testament to the many out there supporting you, in spite of the vociferous meanies that sometimes annoy you [and the audience]. I have come to depend on this blog as a place for civil discussion, news and crazy Catholic talk. The cooking subjects and comments are fun too.

    I voted for you.

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