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  1. tam says:

    Great video. We can only hope that Catholics have properly formed their conscience. I’m afraid many have not.

  2. Sandra in Severn says:

    Fathers, brothers and sisters, please pray and ask the intercession of our Patroness, for our country.

    Prayer to Our Lady Immaculate
    Most holy Virgin, who wast pleasing to the Lord and became His Mother, immaculate in body and spirit, in faith and in love, look kindly on the wretched who implore thy powerful patronage. The wicked serpent, against whom was hurled the first curse, continues fiercely to attack and ensnare the unhappy children of Eve. Do thou, then, O Blessed Mother, our queen and advocate, who from the first instant of thy conception didst crush the head of the enemy, receive the prayers which, united with thee in our single heart, we implore thee to present at the throne of God, that we may never fall into the snares which are laid out for us, and may all arrive at the port of salvation; and, in so many dangers, may the Church and Christian society sing once again the hymn of deliverance and of victory and of peace. Amen.

    In Thy conception, O Virgin Mary, thou wast immaculate; pray for us to the Father, Whose Son, Jesus Christ conceived of the Holy Ghost, thou didst bring forth.

  3. Father,

    Thanks for posting this. I posted it myself a few weeks ago, and I’ve been trying to posts all the bishops statements in defense of human life, as well. I have a question. I know that in the early days of Roe v. Wade, Sen. Ted Kennedy had not yet abandoned his Catholic faith and was actually strongly pro-life. President Kennedy certainly was in office before Roe v. Wade, but do we have any statements from him indicating his own position on the abortion issue?

  4. Jondepoer says:

    Not sure if it was just the dramatic music in the background, but I actually teared up a little. Hell, I’m not even American!

  5. John Fannon says:

    Very good video. Wish I had a vote!
    Meanwhile we in the UK are going to hell in a handcart with the HFE Bill due its final reading on 22 October with the prospect of even more liberal abortion laws being passed.

  6. JPSonnen says:

    A fine clip and many thanks for this!

  7. Abe Tolemahcs says:

    To John Fannon-don’t let your citizenship in the UK stop you from voting.
    I’m sure that if you contact ACORN in Ohio they can arrange to get you registered to vote.
    Marxism, Gun control, infanticide, registering our daughters for selective service and and a guaranteed increase in taxes
    May God help us if Obama is elected

  8. Erin says:

    This clip makes me cry every time I see it. It’s excellent. Thanks for posting it Father.

  9. JK says:

    WOW….AMAZING!!! Thank you Father!

  10. Paul says:

    I can not watch without crying

  11. It is available with Spanish text too.

  12. Fr. Douglas A. Ondeck says:

    OUTSTANDING VIDEO!!!! I have been lamenting the fact that Roman Catholics are allowing this election to be taken from us…Thanks Fr. Z keep up the GREAT work!!

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