Advent on your iPhone

Those of you who have an iPhone may want to know about a fun application for Advent for $0.99.

With a tip of my biretta to Hugh Hewitt   o{]:¬)  I learned about ihabitus

While not explicitly Catholic, I read on the Advent page oratio, meditatio, tentatio, which is encouraging.

Features include:

   1. Fully interactive calendar, complete with doors that open as Advent progresses.
   2. Rich aesthetic influenced by the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels, complimented by classical art.
   3. Twenty-five daily devotions, centered in Scripture, to guide you in reflection and prayer.
   4. Each devotion contains images, hymns and prayers that reflect the themes of the daily Scripture selection and Advent.

Ten percent of the net sales of this app will go to – serving Christ by building a better world for children

I have no idea what WordVision is, but I went to the site and it doesn’t seem iffy.


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  1. Ohio Annie says:

    World Vision is a billion dollar charity in terms of revenue and one of the most highly rated charities in terms of actually doing the work they say they do. They are rated by Charity Navigator almost as highly as the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.

  2. Lurker #59 says:

    For what its worth…..

    Q: What is World Vision’s policy on use of condoms as a preventive measure?
    We also recognize that there are those who cannot (such as faithful spouses or girls forced into prostitution) or will not choose to remain abstinent or mutually faithful to one partner. Because their lives and the lives of their partners are also precious to God, World Vision will recommend consistent condom use as a secondary strategy.

    Orphans and vulnerable children are the priority concern to World Vision. One of the best ways to help these children is by keeping one or both parents alive to care for them as long as possible. The use of condoms can prevent infection or re-infection between husband and wife.

    World Vision endorses a balanced ABC (abstain before marriage, be faithful in marriage, but in certain situations use a condom) approach to managing the spread of HIV and AIDS, believing it to be consistent with scriptural truths and God’s commandments of love, compassion and justice for the innocent. This approach is endorsed by the Christian Medical and Dental Association.


  3. Thomas McDonald says:

    Does anyone know of a good Facebook app for Advent (2008). The few I see were keyed for last year.

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