Fr. Z asks a favor on behalf of a fellow blogger

Everyone… please consider giving American Papist a lift today.

He is trying to win a college scholarship for bloggers, to pay his loans.

I think WDTPRSers could give him a boost.

This will cost you nothing but a few seconds of your time.

Go HERE and vote for Thomas Peters, who runs the American Papist site.

He is a good kid trying to do good work.

We Catholic bloggers have to stick together and not just play in our own little sandboxes.

Working together, linking and helping each other, makes us a more effective force in shaping the conversation.

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Andrew says:

    Done. Looks like he’s running in second place, back about 200 hundred votes. So that’s less than a day’s worth of WDTPRS readers? [Actually, less than a half hour’s worth, even on a Sunday.]

  2. Raphaela says:

    And done.

  3. Londiniensis says:


  4. Frank H says:

    Done. Good luck Thomas!

  5. Jane Fulthorpe says:


  6. Johnny Domer says:

    Done! He’s winning by around 300 votes.

  7. Kazimerr says:

    Done. Thank you notice and suggestion Father Z.

  8. Andy K. says:

    Hey all,
    I voted last night.

    Please note that there is a guy with about 2700 votes, and he’s in the lead. Thomas is in the area of 3rd, although he’s been coming up!

    So, double-check the vote listings (they’re not ranked by place), and be sure to tell your friends!

  9. Reginald Pole says:

    Fatto! Now he’s only a couple of votes behind.

  10. Mitch#2 says:

    Hope I was in time…Seems he has one close behind….Best of luck, and keep up the “good things”

  11. I thank you all. Also, I want to clarify something.

    By asking you to do this, I am not saying anything thereby against the other blogs.

    It is just that American Papist and WDTPRS have had some cordial collaboration, especially in regard to correcting the record about what the Church teaches in regard to the defense of human life.

  12. Margaret says:

    Done. Thanks for letting us know, Fr. Z.

  13. Voted. But he’s still nearly 2000 votes back in second place, behind what would seem to be a baseball blog.

  14. Alessandro says:

    That’s really a nice blog, thank you for the suggestion to visit it

  15. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Done. Kind suggestion Father.

  16. Brian Day says:


    AmP is still in second place, now down by about 1900.

  17. Andy Lucy says:

    Done. Also left a comment in an attempt to sway folks away from the currently leading baseball blog.

  18. Chris says:

    Done — but his lead is shrinking. Vote!

  19. Mac McLernon says:

    Done, but he’s still in second place…

  20. miss book says:

    Done. A pleasure to help a defender of the Church’s Teaching on human life.

  21. Al says:

    Done deal. Still looks to be in 3rd.

  22. Voted. Wow, he is way ahead of the rest.

  23. Peg says:

    I voted…better late than never! Say do they have anything like this for struggling nursing students?

  24. TJM says:

    I voted for American Papist – THomas Peters. He’s the man! Tom

  25. Maria says:

    Done, Fr. Z.! I hope Thomas wins.

  26. Andrew says:

    I feel a bit stupid. Can somebody help me with this?

    I went to the site, but I could not find something you click to vote for Thomas.

    Is there still time to do this, or has voting ceased?

  27. My humble thanks to Fr.Z and all of you! God Bless you. ~AmP.

  28. Andrew says:

    I understand. Once you have voted, the circles and the capacity to click them disappears, ie I voted. (I rang up a friend and asked him to download the site, and he told me what happened).

    Obviously, if they will be awarding a college scholarship to somebody, they don’t want any cheating.

  29. Robert of Rome says:


  30. Proud to have given my vote to Tom (and to McCain/Palin)!

    Thank you Fr. Z for all of your work and insight.

  31. In partibus infidelium says:

    Good luck , I almost always find myself in agreement with Fr Z.

  32. Thanks for the help, folks.

  33. georgeaquinas says:

    Done. He is one of my book marked blogs.

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