Kalamazoo, MI – 23 Nov – solemn TLM

Solemn Mass at St. Mary Catholic Church in Kalamazoo, MI, on 23 November at 12:15 pm.

The music will be Mozart’s "Sparrow Missa Brevis" (Mass No. 10 in C major, K. 220).

This should be a fine occasion.  If possible, I would love to attend.  We shall see.

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  1. Here’s the address:

    939 Charlotte Avenue
    Kalamazoo, MI

  2. JBD says:

    Father David Grondz, the celebrant is incredibly meticullous to watch rubrically. His precision and accuracy is unmatched!! The parish itself are some of warmest and kindest people you’ll ever meet!

  3. Ann says:

    I was born in Kalamazoo,
    my family left when I was two.
    I’ve never had a desire to go back,
    but this might make it worthwhile
    to go ‘a long, long, long way down the track.’

  4. chironomo says:

    I was up there for the chant seminar in June… what a beautiful parish it is! Won’t be able to make it this time…

  5. Scholaguy says:

    The Propers will be sung in Gregorian chant by a schola. And, yes, Father Grondz, ordained only ten years ago and barely 30 years of age, celebrates the ancient Mass most beautifully.

  6. David Grondz says:

    Just for the record, I am 31 years old and have been ordained a priest for 2 and a half years today! May 13, 2006.

    Please get the word out about this Mass, I would love to have the Church packed. To my knowledge, it is the first time that a Mass of this kind has been celebrated in Kalamazoo.

  7. Scholaguy says:

    Sorry, Father. I knew it was two years–I just can’t type. I stand by my comments on your incredible knowledge of the Mass and attention to the rubrics. JS

  8. David Grondz says:

    Thanks! That’s what we call a “priest’s paycheck”…the rare occasion of being complimented on doing something well (and I might add, for the glory of God).

  9. David Grondz says:

    George Bugaj and I had a meeting this morning to go over some of the details for the upcoming “Sparrow” Mass. I am happy to inform you that our guest organist, Mr. Eric Strand of St. Luke’s Episcopal here in Kalamazoo, will also be playing period organ pieces to fill-in the gaps between the end of the Gregorian Chant and the celebrant’s chant during this Mass: notably during the Offertory and the Communion. I do not know yet exactly WHAT he will play, but it will certainly be appropriate.
    I am also happy to inform you that the Sanctus and Benedictus will be seperated; the Benedictus will follow the elevation of the Chalice.

    I will keep everyone up-dated on developments.

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