News from the Transalpine Redemptorists

You might recall that the so-called Transalpine Redemptorists, now the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, in Scotland, reconciled with Rome and now enjoy the fruits of deeper unity with Peter.

There is an interesting update on their situation at their blog.

Submission to Peter is the right way to go.

Since our reconciliation with the Holy See on 18 June 2008 statements have been made on the internet indicating that we had a ‘slow thorny’ road ahead of us and that we had been wrong to trust the Church. It was quickly pointed out that we had no faculties.

We had to bear these remarks patiently; it is good for the soul. In truth though, the only thorn to be borne in these statements was that they came from those we love, some fellow traditional Catholics, seemingly intent on making the worst out of our decisions. [Some people are happy only when they are unhappy.  Alas, they also try to spread the gloom.]

In fact the road has not been ‘thorny’ nor has it been slow. Consider the facts. We were received by the Church as a community wanting to remain as such; but according to Canon Law we were not incardinated anywhere in the Church structures either individually as priests or collectively as a community. Normally speaking since we were not incardinated anywhere we would be without faculties until everything was perfectly regularised; this would take time.
But the Church being a true mother, aware of the needs of the community and the faithful in Stronsay who have recourse to us, has granted us interim faculties to see us over[The Pont. Comm. Ecclesia Dei can grant faculties in this manner.]

Surely since the Motu proprio of 7 July 2007 [Summorum Pontificum] there should be forgiveness and a return to trust in the Church. This is what we have done. We trust the Church. We trust the Holy Father. We are not being abused by the Church or the Holy See; as some have said. We are not being forced to say the New Mass; as many say. We are not being trapped to be destroyed. Dear friends we are being supported and accommodated without anybody asking us to compromise anything. The bishops of Aberdeen and Christchurch have gone the extra mile beyond the limits of the canonical requirements. This is well worth noting. My experience of the Holy See and regularisation has been excellent. It has not been a bad experience.

We invite any priest who wants to consider being reconciled to the Holy See, to stay on Papa Stronsay for as long as he wants, anonymously and with no strings attached. Submission to Peter is the right way to go.

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  1. This is very encouraging. I have been troubled by some pessimism I’ve read recently.

    How good to get it straight from the horse’s mouth!

  2. Luke says:

    Thanks for the update, Father!
    Who is the “Papa Stronsay” he is referring to?


  3. dcs says:

    Who is the “Papa Stronsay” he is referring to?

    It’s one of the Orkney islands where the TRs’ monastery is located:

  4. Phil (NL) says:


    Not ‘who’, but ‘what’ – it’s the name of the island their monastery is on.

  5. Luke says:

    Ah! Thanks.
    Haha, and here I thought it was an antipope or something. :)


  6. Tyler says:

    You can almost feel the joy and peace that must have come to them from regularizing. And I am glad to see that they have not just left their brothers, but are offering to help them back into the church as well.

  7. Michael says:

    This is a great blessing. Let’s hope that young men who have a vocation for a monastic life, whether as priests or as brothers, will find their purpose in that bautiful, peaceful, albeit sometimes tough place. It is their own island, and they have worked hard to settle there, but they are an ispiration to many.

    Let’s pray for them.

  8. Fr. Angel says:

    The news of their regularization alone is wonderful. But add to that the eloquent testimony of the Superior and you see a great force for sowing the seeds of future reconciliation with the Holy See. This is great news and my prayer is that through St. Alphonsus’ intercession, this community grows and becomes a greater light for those who remain prodigal sons.

  9. Jim says:

    I’ve visited them.

    Papa Stronsay is cold, windy, isolated and filled with joy.
    Fr Michael Mary is a thoughtful and generous man.

  10. LCB says:

    Cold? Windy? Isolated?

    Sounds like the perfect place to pursue becoming a saint!

    Long live Benedict the Magnanimous!

  11. Catherine Houghton says:

    Great news! When will the Fathers be supplying in the Diocese of Aberdeen where there is strong interest in the Extradorinary form Of Mass?

  12. Craigmaddie says:

    When will the Fathers be supplying in the Diocese of Aberdeen where there is strong interest in the Extradorinary form Of Mass?

    And, yet, the Bishop of Aberdeen recently said that on a diocesan pilgriage that there is no need for the Latin Mass in his diocese.

  13. Barb says:

    Those who declare and live the words “Fiat Voluntas Tua” (Thy Will be done) are the ones who will persevere to the end.
    Praise the Lord for His infinite mercy to us miserable sinners. This news was most edifying. Thank you for
    your sacrifices and prayers.

    Fiat Voluntas Tua

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