PODCAzT 71: “Faith inscribed across your heart”: Benedict on Cyril of Jerusalem & Cyril on faith, your treasure

Today we hear what St. Cyril of Jerusalem (+387) says about faith, the faith handed down to us and which we must inscribe across our hearts

Our faith is a gift, a treasure for which we must given an account to the Lord.

Are you increasing the knowledge of your faith?  Are you neglecting it, as the man did who hid his talent in the ground?

Our faith, the faith in which we believe and the faith by which we beleive both guide us to a relationship with the one from whom Faith comes, the one to whom we must render our account.

To introduce Cyril we listen to Pope Benedict XVI from his 27 June 2007 Wednesday audience catechesis about this great Doctor of the Church.  Of course I parse it and drill into in all in my usual rambling way.

It’s a short one today.  I just wanted to do something on this otherwise bleak, gray, rainy autumn day to reach out, at least vocally, beyond the rain-washed windows and wet leaves.


Along the way you might hear these tunes:

Jump Jive an’ Wail – Brian Setzer Orchestra
Autumn – Daniel Hecht
Credo – Missa in duplicibus minoribus I for five voices – Palestrina
Gentle Rain – Astrud Gilberto

The iTunes feed is working.  It stops and starts again… mysteriously.  Beats me!

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  1. mpm says:

    Fr. Z,

    I know it’s a typo, but I have to say that “beyond the rain-washed widows
    and wet leaves” conjurs up a mental picture of a group of holy servi dei
    camped out in the autumn cold of the Great Plains, immersed in prayer and

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