Rose for the coming Advent

Our friend Fr. Ray Blake, PP of St. Mary Magdalen parish in Brighton, has a great photo on his blog.

He must be in Rome, for this is the window of the famous, and over-priced, Gammarelli, near the Pantheon.

Note the rose vestment in the window.  Once upon a time is was hard to find rose, or rosacea.  Now it is easier and easier.

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  1. I think I’m more surprised to see that the vestment is Roman instead of Gothic.

  2. Fr W says:

    A woman in our parish would like to design a rose vestment. I can’t find just the right fabric for it. I wanted the rose used by St. Bede studios, but they say it is no longer available. Any sources?

  3. Fr Ray Blake says:

    No I am still in Brighton, the photograph is by a mutual friend, who must of course be “anonymous”.
    I am trying to get him to set up a webcam, or to take a weekly shot just for fun.

  4. Cornelius says:

    . . . and don’t dare call it pink.

  5. Alessandro says:

    I love “via dei cestari”, I could spend a couple of our going there for window-shopping (everything is sooooo expensive, except a tiny shop opposite De Ritis)

  6. Mac McLernon says:

    Did anyone else spot the dishcloth on the right-hand-side of the picture? ;-)

  7. robert says:

    very different rose color for vestments than what I’m used to. Isn’t it supposed to be more red?

  8. Fr W, the fabric I used for three sets of Rose-coloured vestments was purchased in one consignment and is no longer available.

    After some searching, I was able to find an even more beautiful damask.

    I have recently finished a solemn Mass set from this fabric for the Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta Georgia.

    Sorry to disappoint, however: I do not provide this fabric for the use of others.

    Michael Sternbeck
    The Saint Bede Studio.

  9. Matthew says:

    Is there another tailor–less over-priced–that WDTPRS readers might recommend?

  10. I rescued a fabulous rose cope once from a parish that was happy to trash it. Not sure what happened to the rest of the set, if it ever existed, but the cope…which apparently dated to the 20s…was/is sublime.

  11. Fr. Jay says:

    If you’re going to make the vestments yourself, and just looking for fabrics (damask, , there’s a great place in the “garment district” of New York City called La Lame. In years past I’ve bought chalice palls and a Marian vesica for a chasuble I bought in an Almy clearance sale. They now have a

  12. Thom says:

    The La Lame website? Totally rockin music in the bg, no kidding.

  13. Ottaviani says:

    I think I’m more surprised to see that the vestment is Roman instead of Gothic.

    You surprised to see Roman vestments in a Roman shop?!

    That being said, with the amount of cheap, polyester, dross vestments we have to put up with in the last 40 years, Roman vestments are indeed a rarity.

  14. Wanksta says:

    I guess if you wear a polyester shirt with a plastic tab collar, a cheap suit, and a distasteful polyester curtain with a hole in the middle (“Gothic” vestments), buying a complete set of 100% silk, tailor-made vestments in the traditional Roman style for 650 USD, may seem expensive. By the way, did I mention that you get a 20% discount if you live outside of Italy?

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