“The Lord doesn’t resign Himself to lose us”

Nothing any of us little mortals can do is so bad that the infiinite power and love of God cannot forgive. 

While there is breath and live in us, He does not stop offering us sufficient graces whereby we may ask for mercy and be saved.

The intrepid Andrea Tornielli has an interesting piece on his blog about the last hours of Antonio Gramsci, who was one of the most important Italian Communist philosophers who gave shape to the strategy of their Party in the last century.  What makes this even more wonderful is that it also features one of the last truly "Roman" priests, the great Archbp. De Magistris.

This morning [Arch]bishop Luigi De Magistris, Emeritus pro-Penitenziere Maggiore, spaking at the presentation of the first international catalogue of holy cards, revealed the particulars of the last hours of life of the Communist Party ideologue Antonio Gramsci: "My fellow Sardinian, Gramsci, had in his room an image of St. Therese of the Child Jesus.  During his final illness, the sisters of the clinic where he was brought to the patients images of the Child Jesus to kiss.  They didn’t bring them to Gramsci.  He said: "Why haven’t you brought them to me?"  So they brought him a card of the Child Jesus and he kissed it.  Gramsci died with the sacraments, he returned to the faith of his childhood.  The mercy of God persecutes us in a holy way.  The Lord doesn’t resign Himself to lose us.

I bet that new book is fantatic too!

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  1. DocJim says:

    I regarded Gramsci as the author of the downfall of the USA which appears to be occurring by his methods. The USA communists (small ‘c’ and large ‘C’) took to the USA seminaries, law schools and education schools. They were cautious, but determined. They also hit the English departments and history departments.
    Many of the problems (loss of many parts of the liturgy, most likely) can be traced to “Gramsci marxism”–attacking the important portions of the culture that resist the “godless marxism.”

    This note about Gramsci’s end, brings me back to FAITH.

  2. I wonder how many reject the Lord in the end despite all that he offers? Interesting that this communist kept a holy card of St Therese…how many communists can you say that about?

  3. Susan says:

    I, too, have lamented Gramsci’s influence in the culture wars. Those on the left seem more committed to their cause than do those of us who abide with Holy Mother Church.

    Gramsci’s ‘long march through the institutions’ begun decades ago, is now bearing fruit, as one social structure after another collapses.

    But his deathbed repentance gives hope to us all, that, as Fr. Z so wonderfully reminds us, brick by brick, we can reclaim the culture for Christ.


  4. jh says:

    Father Great Post. I have one question. According to
    WILKI he was buried in a Protestant Cemetary. Why is that

  5. Steve K. says:

    I had the same thoughts as the others – THE Gramsci? The philosopher of cultural subversion? God is great!

  6. Time to get serious about my prayers for Kennedy, Pelosi, and O’Bama!

  7. Boko says:

    Agree with Doc and Susan. “Their Party” is not the only party to whose strategy Gramsci gave shape. One of those parties is still celebrating a recent victory.

  8. St. Therese’ is still at it. She wanted her spiritual children and she started with Pranzini. St. Therese informed God that Pranzini would be her first spiritual child. She started praying and fasting and sacrificing for Pranzini. Again, St. Therese told God specifically that she desired some sign to know that Pranzini would not roast in Hell the rest of eternity. She got her sign.

    I wonder if her sign with Gramsci was when he kissed the card of the Child Jesus? Pranzini, in the end, kissed the Crucified One. Only minutes earlier he was a hardened and unrepentant murderer.

    What a saint!

  9. Scott says:

    Better be careful, Father. The holier-than-thou saints at Rorate caeli won’t even permit the name of Gramsci to be mentioned.

  10. Scott: I have no idea why I should be careful for mentioning the name of Gramsci on my blog. What Rorate posts is their business and what I post is mine. Rorate is a fine blog and I appreciate what they do. I check it everyday. I am sure they give WDTPRS due consideration.

  11. Woody Jones says:

    I guess one should mention, as a bow to the “fairness doctrine,” that on the Right, Charles Maurras also returned to the Faith and died with the benefit of the Sacraments.

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