WARNING: blog maintenance

Very soon I will be doing things to the blog’s domain.

If you can’t access the blog at some point in the near future, keep trying.  It’ll be back soon. 

UPDATE 6 Nov 18:04 GMT

I initiated a change of registrar for the domain from the old company I once had, with so many disasters, with to a new and competent company.

The old company is so bad that when I put in my request for the unlocking codes, it took them over three days to reply.  I have the codes and it is full speed ahead.

Hopefully the transfer will be without interruption, since the servers won’t be changing.



I am working with the previous registrar and running into problems.  They are really dragging their feet, telling me that all sorts of things have to be done, that they are waiting for me to do things, that they can’t do anything… blah blah. 

I think I am being stonewalled.  So… there are problems.

This is starting to feel like B’rer Rabbit and the Tar Baby.

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  1. TexasAC says:

    Great Fr. Z! This indicates that you will be around running WDTPRS, for a while, anyway.

  2. Texas: That is by no means certain, especially given how things are going right now.

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