Brick by brick in D. of Altoona-Johnstown

From a reader:

I thought you might be interested to learn of the formal public status of the TLM in Patton, PA, in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown.  You might recall that Bishop Adamec was very opposed to the Motu Proprio around the time it was first issued.  Brick by brick.



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  1. Jake says:

    As a former soul from the A-J Diocese, this is a wondrous development. Maybe Bishop Adamec is finally getting it after all.

    Then again, there is atrocity that is The Church of the Good Shepherd in State College, so who knows?

  2. Dev Thakur says:

    I received the sacraments of initiation in the Diocese of A-J in 2004, and am so happy to hear of this development! I hope this represents a softening of His Excellency’s heart.

    Jake … thankfully I was spared The Church of the Good Shepherd … I went through RCIA at Our Lady of Victory.

  3. Jake says:

    Dev, most of my formation was done at OLV, I was only confirmed at Good Shepherd AFTER Bishop Adamec pushed the age back to 17 (and well after the split that formed Good Shepherd, even though MANY families on our side of the line still frequented OLV. They don’t call it the Renegade Catholic Church for nothing.).

    Thank God for the Msgrs. Fleming for instilling some of the more traditional aspects of the faith in the Novus Ordo (I served with patens, in full cassock and surplice). Granted, they’re gone now, but it’s good to hear that tradition is still being adhered to. I have a couple of friends who are active within the parish. It would take a lot to get that sanctuary ready for the EF, though.

  4. Terth says:

    Wait – what is “the formal public status of the TLM in Patton, PA, in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown”? Did they hold one? Is there a regular one?

  5. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    This Mass has long been there (since S.P. was published) but was not recognised as a public parish Mass by the bishop, although it was open to the public (at least as guests) and Bishop Adamec simply could not stop it. The truth is that he could not stop it and was losing face over it, so now he’s accepted it. I’ll certainly be opening a bottle of champagne the day he retires, especially after what he’s done for the seminary there.


  6. “What is the formal public status of the TLM in the diocese of Altoona-Johnstown ?” I would presume the answer is : since Summorum Pontificum, the legal status of the old Mass is the same everywhere. Numquam abrogata. It is now part of the public life and prayer of the Church. And its existence will benefit all Catholics.

    Of course, there will be difficulties in implementing it here and there. Shortage of trained priests. Hostile or indifferent pastors. A lack of catechesis in traditional Catholic spirituality. Suspicion. Ignorance. Whatever. But this is a slightly different question.

  7. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    I have come upon two more bits of good news which Fr. Zuhlsdorf may wish to investigate and report on. First, the major news:

    The Diocese of Metz, in France, now has the Traditional Latin Mass on an every-Sunday basis during the school term. This is EXTREMELY important. Metz is one of the most populous hold-outs against the Gregorian Rite of Mass in that centre of hold-out sees, the North-east part of the country. About fifteen months ago, the Diocese of Nancy gained such a Mass. This is the second victory. There are still no every-Sunday Greogian Masses in the Archdiocese of Rheims or in the Dioceses of Cambrai, Verdun, Chålons, Soissons, or Langres. This is really the only sold region in France which is resisting the motu proprio. However, Archbishop Jordan of Rheims [Reims] now permits the I.C.R. to celebrate Mass one Sunday per month, and the Bishop of Verdun has allowed the same Gregorian Mass one Sunday per month. Brick by brick, as Fr. Z. would say. Once Rheims capitulates, the rest will follow, and then France will have no large holes, just some isolated hold-outs.

    The second bit of news is that the semi-monthly Sunday Masses at St. Mary Chuch at Hallettsville, Diocese of Victoria-in-Texas, have now been replaced by EVERY-SUNDAY Masses at SS. Cyril and Methodius Church in Shiner (also in Lavaca Co.). Ten of the fifteen dioceses in Texas now have the old Mass every Sunday. The hold-outs are Beaumont, Amarillo, Lubbock, San Angelo, and Laredo. Laredo needs our prayers. It is a very populous diocese which one had Gregorian Masses under the old Indult.


  8. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    In regard to Dr. Wright’s question, the Mass at Patton, D. of Altoona-Johnston was, as far as I am aware, a regularly-scheduled Mass. This used to be called a ‘public Mass’ but that terminology is no longer supported by the (1983) Code of Canons. Some may have argued that it was a not-regularly-scheduled (formerly called ‘private Mass’) Mass. In either event, it was open to the public and fulfilled the Sunday obligation both before and after Bishop Adamec recognised it.

    Bishop Adamec has illegally tried to restrict the right of his priests to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown. This has been done by issuance of directives which contradict the clear norms of law as set forth in “Summorum Pontificum”. For the most part, his bullying has worked. But one Benedictine priest at Patton, without issuing any sort of challenge to this very liberal bishop, simply did what he had a right to do under the law: he offered the Mass he had a right to offer.

    It’s all lunacy. They act as if the Mass of the Ages is a poison which will wound the souls of those who attend it. What has wounded Holy Church is certainly not that. No further comment necessary.


  9. Brian Kopp says:

    More pictures of the TLM in Patton can be viewed at

  10. Ryan says:

    By the way, this Sunday they will have Sung Mass at 1 PM. The famous men’s schola from State College will be there ( If you live nearby please attend. The church is absolutely beautiful!

  11. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    Perhaps there are people reading this thread who know about the situation in the Diocese of Greensburg. Any news from that Diocese? They have been trying to get their Mass back for so long now.


  12. GCC Catholic says:


    It sounds as though the group at St. Vincent Archabbey is trying to work with the Diocese and with Bishop Brandt in a similar manner as the Patton group. Pray for them and for the Bishop. It may still take a while before they get to this point; as far as I know, they still do not have a Sunday TLM at all.

  13. RBrown says:

    Bishop Adamec (age: 73.34) is of the same generation as Bishop Trautman (72.47). This generation is often out touch because they went through the By the Numbers pre Vat II formation, were ordained, then a few years later saw the emphasis change from personal sanctity to Ecumenism and social justice. Continuing in the mindless obedience in which they were formed, they made the switch to the post Vat II liberalism that has moved tornado-like through the Church.

  14. David says:

    The group is the Greensburg Diocese is still trying to work with the Archabbot and the Bishop to get their Mass back. Unfortunately, the priest who was saying it last year has now been sent away to do graduate studies, and so his weekday Masses, and his support are gone. They have (sometimes) a Saturday morning Mass at 10:30, but that has been becoming increasingly irregular for lack of a dedicated priest. The situation is particularly sad, given the increasing numbers they had every week for their Sunday Masses in the fall of 2007, after the motu proprio. Please pray for this to be resolved soon.

  15. Fr. Guy says:

    Sorry to be such a party pooper but…

    Those talking about the entire diocese of Greensburg are referring only to St. Vincent Archabbey and ONE priest who was sent away for studies? Interestingly enough this good news about Patton concerns ONE parish in the whole diocese of Altoona-Johnstown and the pastor there, Fr. Ananias, is a Benedictine monk of St. Vincent Archabbey. Are these two Benedictine monks the only two priests in all of Western PA saying TLM? Where are the diocesan priests of both dioceses? Why aren’t people in several parishes asking for TLM? I wholeheartedly agree with “one brick at a time” but this sounds a bit extreme that there are only two places in both of these dioceses where two lone monks are saying TLM. It is definitely good news that some headway is being made but it is also a little sad that progress is SO slow.

  16. Truman says:

    With the deepest possible respect, Fr. Guy is mischarcterizing the situation in two largely rural and very small dioceses in part, not all of western Pennsylvania–and dioceses that have been until now marked by extreme hostility to the old Mass. Any progress at all in either place is frankly astonishing, and the product of far more constructive and realistic attitudes than his.

  17. Brian Kopp says:

    Why aren’t people in several parishes asking for TLM?

    Written requests for the TLM, with 45 to 80 signatures each, have been submitted in at least five parishes in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown.

    Only Fr. Ananias has received “permission” from the diocese to offer the TLM.

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