Battlestar Galactica fans… some speculation…

The final half of the last season is coming up.

Our friend and fellow blogger Jimmy Akin has some interesting speculation about who the last Cylon is.

Don’t go there if you are interested in seeing the last few episodes without any interfering speculation.

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  1. Jacob says:

    I just pray it’s not Starbuck. I can take a lot of things, but after all RDM has dragged us through with the Starbuck character, it would just be completely pointless to have Starbuck go in /yet/ another direction and be the final Cylon…

  2. Paul says:

    That’s a fairly convincing argument Mr. Akin lays out, although I think it will end up being Zarek or Gaeta, myself. I\’m more curious about what happened to Earth, and who the Cylon god (God?) is, and what the real origin of the Colonies is (Earth-> Kobol -> Colonies and Earth, IMO).

    (OT, Father, but do you also watch Lost by any chance?)

  3. Seminarian says:

    There’s a fairly significant contingent of BSG devotees here at the seminary.

    Jimmy puts forth a pretty good theory. I, personally, expected them to choose a relatively minor character, but 3’s comment that only four are in the fleet doesn’t seem to leave a lot of room for that. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  4. Gregory Nagy says:

    My wife told me that there was a “clue” sent out that basically indicated that we do not know the name of the final cylon, but we have heard his/her voice often. A false lead,? J random bridge staffer? one of Baltars followers? It kind of feeds the “Head 6” theory, since they have named the 6 models that have physically appeared regularly.

  5. Paul: I don’t watch Lost. I tried to watch a couple episodes, but got… well… lost. Then I lost interest. Once a couple/three seasons are available on DVD I may take a stab at it.

  6. Seminarian: The role of Gaeta in the webisodes must be a factor. Also, didn’t the young Adama have an encounter with the earliest human-like cylons on a planet near the end of the Cylon War?

  7. Tim says:

    Re: 3’s comment that only four of the five Cylons were in the fleet, I take to mean that the final Cylon was already aboard the Base Star with the other Colonials being held hostage, and that 3 knew it. I personally think it’s Helo. They’ve increased Helo’s role since season three, and he’s always been one of the more reliable, heroic characters. He was aboard the Base Star with 3 when she made the comment, and she knew it. The thus far unexplained drama with Hera might seem to indicate that Hera is the child of a Cylon and human, but the writers and producers love to twist the plot and mess with the viewers’ minds (think Starbuck is/isn’t a mother, what a total mind bender). I think it will turn out that Hera is the child of two Cylons (which isn’t supposed to be possible, I know, but the final five are different than the other seven models), and the Chief and Callie’s son is the actual child of Cylon and human.

    I’ve had a lot of time to think about this stuff far too much :)

  8. Chris says:

    Roselin or Gaeta in my opinion. Jimmy puts forward a strong case. Good read.

    As a point of humor a deacon friend of mine wrote on his facebook status, “is a Cylon.” That sparked a conversation through comments of the validity of his ordination if actually were a cylon. The conclusion was that he was never ordained as he is a cylon and that constitutes invalid matter, lol.

  9. Paul says:

    Father: I’ll heartily endorse Lost (the first four seasons are out on DVD now, btw, and it’s definitely easier to watch that way than on TV with weeks, or months, between episodes. The overall plot, and the many mysteries, seem to be where most people lost heart, but I think it’s worth sticking out. And the character drama is fantastic, as are most of the actors. I think you’d enjoy it if you give it another try, anyway.

    As for BSG… Final Cylons and other mysteries aside, I wonder how they’ll end the show, as in the very last scene of the last episode. I really hope it’s not something that makes us go “man what” or scream in frustration. (Or “Watch Caprica on Sci-Fi this fall!”)

  10. Seminarian says:

    Father: Yes, young Adama had an encounter with, as I see it, either early humanoid cylon models or humans being held by cylons for the purpose of creating such cylon models. I suppose this gives weight to the “Adama is a cylon” theory.

    Adama being the 5th would certainly complicate things. That would, I assume, make Lee a hybrid. I guess the Caprica series would then have a lot to explain about Adama’s family history, too. Of all the major characters, Adama would be my choice for the 5th (probably just because he’s one of my favorite characters, along with Tigh and Cavil).

    I had thought for a long time that the 5th would not be one of the main characters. But, when Three made the comment that only four are in fleet, most of the minor characters were ruled out(although that statement could be “open to interpretation”). IIRC, Adama, Roslin, Baltar, and Helo were not in the fleet at the time (along w/ some other very minor characters). I guess it could be Helo, but that would certainly alter Hera’s significance. Helo as the 5th could add a more nefarious dimension to his constantly “sticking up” for the cylons, I suppose.

    Gaeta was one of my favorite choices for final cylon. A lot of the online clues seem to point to him, but it’s probably misdirection. I think the webisodes actually diminish his chances of being the 5th.

    Supposedly, Gaeta teams up with Zarek in an anti-cylon rebellion in upcoming episodes. We’re also supposed to know the identity of the fifth in the first few episodes (possibly this Friday!). I think we’ll probably find out the identity of the 5th before that rebellion gets off the ground.

    Some have speculated that the 5th will be a dead character, such as Ellen or Cally. That would seem pretty disappointing to me.

    I just received my Season 4.0 DVD from Amazon, but I haven’t gotten to re-watch any episodes yet, because we were on retreat all last week and classes start today!

  11. PNP, OP says:

    Wasn’t there something about Ellen being an older version of “6”? Older as in “grown up.”

    Fr. Philip, OP

  12. Steve K. says:

    My money’s on Helo being the 5th, erm, of the Final Five.

  13. Steve K. says:

    Huh, Akin et al lay out a good case. But there is something about it that doesn’t sit well and frankly it strikes me cheesy having so much of the senior leadership of the colonials be Cylon. Both Tigh and Adama? Come on. We’ll see.

    I wasn’t pleased with the revelation of the 4 Cylons at first either, but I have to admit they made it work. I am excited to see this final season and hopefully all the questions and mysteries will be resolved in a satisfying way. I am happy that there is a defined end to this series; I love series with a closed narrative arc, it prevents it from becoming episodic and “special guest star” focused. Seems we’ve learned something from 70s shows after all.

  14. Andy Lucy says:

    Helo as the 5th Cylon? I don’t think so… for the same reason that Cally couldn’t have been… married to a Cylon with a child.

    But… then… there is the whole Saul Tigh/Six situation. Perhaps… maybe… the Final Five are SO fundamentally different as to be able to procreate with the other 7 models.

    So, maybe it is Helo. But I agree with Jimmy Akin’s assessment… I think that it will be Adama Sr. Anything else would signal a lesser reveal, and Moore/Eick aren’t known for their subtlety.

  15. How about the lawyer… Romo Lankin?

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