Request for feedback on MOBILE browsers and this blog

Here is a request to those of you who participate in WDTPRS through their mobile devices, cellular phones, etc., with mobile browsers.

I had in place a theme which iPhones would pick up.  I made change to that theme recently and I would like to know what you think.

Also, I attempted to install something that should make WDTPRS work better with Windows Mobile.

Any thoughts?  Observations about this issue?

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Christopher says:

    I really liked the new iPhone layout. It didn’t look as aesthetically pleasing, but was much more efficient for viewing.

  2. Tom O says:

    I have an iPhone and I always appreciated the iPhone-friendly layout. While the new layout is nice, I do prefer the old one as I could get a better idea what each post is about. Also I think the old one loaded faster but that could just be my current connection. Either way thanks Father for thinking of us iPhoners! Love the blog, your an asset to the Church.

  3. Mac McLernon says:

    I have windows mobile and WDTPRS doesn’t show up at all… I have to use a feed, but that means I can’t comment until I get back to a computer.

    I look forward to seeing what changes…

  4. Bryan says:

    The rendering on BlackBerry’s browser is pretty terrible. I’m sure others would agree. It’s very tough to navigate because all of the sidebar links appear ahead of the posts. A more friendly layout for us would be much appreciated!!

  5. Leo says:


    Love the graphics for the new iPhone site. Overall improvement even if it takes a bit longer to load (I have the first generation iPhone with no 3G).

    Pax tecum,

  6. Doug says:

    I use Windows Mobile 6 with Internet Explorer and posts look good as do comments. The categories, pages and archives at the bottom are a bit of a jumble though.

  7. Peter says:

    I preferred the old iPhone layout. Either way reading WDTPRS is great on the iPhone. I also use Google Reader which works well on the iPhone. The New Liturgical Movement is a nightmare on the iPhone as it’s such a large site.

  8. Bill says:

    My setup is an unlocked Sony Ericsson K550i with a T-Mobile sim (currently) and their $6/mo web service to which I receive your rss feed. Many moons ago only the titles of your posts arrived over the feed and following a link to your site was unusably slow. Then, you upgraded things to include the opening lines in your feed and and it became usable, although links to your site were still slow. Today, everything is perfect. The rss feed is usable and the links to your site are very fast. Thank you very much.

  9. doctordrew says:

    I am viewing on Windows Mobile 6 and the posts and comments look great.

    The jumble at the bottom is a minor nuisance. I read mobile only to keep UTD. If I am searching, I go to the laptop.

  10. Thomas says:

    Excellent improvement on my Palm TREO 755P. It formerly would require me to scroll through all the sidebars to get to posts, but now the posts come ro the front. Much easier. This is my first post from the Treo.

  11. TKS says:

    The new layout was a huge surprise since I use my iPhone (3G) a lot. I prefer the old layout because it gives more information about the subject and for some reason I can read the old version much easier.

    Thanks for all the work.

  12. Matt says:

    I have a BB and it was a huge improvement over the regular………thank you father!

  13. JimR says:

    Great on a Palm TX Father.

  14. Francis Brennan says:

    Fr. Z.,

    I thought you’d never ask!

    Is is possible to make WDTPRS more user friendly on a Blackberry? Currently, as Bryan describes above, you have to scroll down past all the sidebar material before you get to the blog posts, whether on the main page or whenever you click on a particular post. Which means one heck of a lot of monotous scrolling with a tiny thumbwheel. The only advantage: I can now recite your recently read book list pretty much off by heart!

  15. martin t. says:

    For all the complaints of an antiquated browser on the Treo 755p it handled your regular page pretty well and this new one is a piece of cake.

  16. DCS says:

    Much better on a Blackberry Curve.

  17. Bryan says:

    My apologies on my post above…the new Blackberry layout is much, much better than the previous one. Thanks, Fr. Z!

  18. Steve K. says:


    iPhone 3G here – love the new iPhone layout. I have always appreciated that you have a mobile-friendly layout, makes reading the site underway very easy.

    Peter – I was thinking the exact same thing – “a little more graphics intensive now, but it’s no NLM *phew*”

  19. Ed says:

    I think it looks nice, but is not functional. I am using a g1 google phone and the new layout cannot be enlarged with the browser on the phone–nor with other browsers that you can download onto the phone. So I use the regular web page, which is better. So, for me, I do not like the new layout for mobile devices and will not use it.

  20. Miguel Garcia says:

    Hi Father Z,

    I use a iPhone 3G to keep up to date with WDTPRS while I’m away from home, and I love the new layout. I think the layout loads very nicely and is easy to navigate. I usually use my desktop at home however, so I can listen to radio sabina in the background.

  21. Jonathan says:

    Dear Father Z:

    Thanks as always for all you do.

    I really dislike the new iPhone format. Previously I could review the first couple of lines of the post to determine if I was interested in it, now I only have a title. It is making me use the iPhone less to look at the blog and to wait until I can get to a real computer.

  22. Charivari Rob says:

    I sometimes use my LG to browse.

    I’m still learning about a lot of the features. What I have noticed is that Verizon Wireless’ optimized web formatting works well when displaying your main page, but doesn’t do well when I follow the comments link.

  23. AlephGamma says:

    On my blackberry pearl it looks really streamlined going straight to the articles. My only complain – minor really is that the articles are truncated. Good job Father!

  24. So… all in all… the mobile experience of the blog is working pretty well?

  25. Charivari Rob says:

    The jury’s still out, yet.

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