Thanks are due!

I am very grateful to M for the English Blue Stilton from the Amazon wish list. 

Also, thanks are due to Immaculata Rosaries for the rosary sent to me.

This is a very nice rosary, I can tell you. 

The best rosaries I have seen were from Queen of Peace Rosaries.  They were wire-wrapped and amazingly strong.  I received this rosaries with a note saying:

Mine are similar in style, as I learned the wire-wrapping technique from someone who’d learned it from G [of Queen of Peace Rosaries].


I am not too enthusiastic about the caps on the Pater noster beads, and this rosary is a little larger than my usual, but this is one fine rosary.  There are some regular links involved, which will weaken it over all, but it is very sturdy.

They would make wonderful gifts.

Immaculata Rosaries

Fine Wire-wrapped Rosaries
Handcrafted by Beth Small
BSmallDVM [AT] aol [dot] com

The Paraclete Catholic Books and Gifts

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  1. Father Z,

    The rosary you picture came to you from Beth Small, a stalwart member of the TLM community to which I belong.

    Her “Immaculata Rosaries” has no connection whatsoever with the “Immaculata Rosaries” that you link.

    In correction, perhaps I may give Beth’s correct contact information:

    Immaculata Rosaries

    Fine Wire-wrapped Rosaries
    Handcrafted by Beth Small

    The Paraclete Catholic Books and Gifts

  2. Thomas says:

    The head of the British Secret Service sent you a Rosary, Father?

  3. Willebrord says:

    The best rosaries I ever saw were made by a man in the American TFP. Apparently, his are made so strong you could hang from a branch with them.

  4. William says:

    I have a Saint Benedict rosary from the Catholic shop in St. Paul. It is very well made.

  5. Steve K. says:

    A propos of strong rosaries: what should one do if one has a not-so-strong rosary that breaks in some way? I have a few, but one is pretty cheap (I got it from an adult catechism class) and it broke; it didn’t break on a link, several of the plastic beads broke apart and can’t be replaced. I can’t bring myself to throw it in the trash, what should I do with it?

  6. W. Schrift says:

    Steve K., the procedure is to burn or bury them, as with all sacramentals that have outlived their use.

  7. Unfortunately Queen of Peace Rosaries has had this message up on all pages for more than a year and a half: “WE ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ANY ORDERS AT THIS TIME. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING.” I hope everything’s alright with her and her family. They really are beautiful and reasonably priced for their apparent quality.

  8. Tod says:

    Steve K,

    You have a problem with a very easy solution.

    Look in the yellow pages, or google for any bead shop in your area. Like scrapbooking, beading is a very popular craft among woman right now.

    Then take your rosary to the bead shop and asks one of the kind girls if anyone could help you fix it.

    I bet you’ll have it fixed very quickly, perhaps even on the spot!

    Tod Torrent

  9. Maureen says:

    If a rosary is broken too badly even to have beads and links replaced, and if it’s been blessed to be a sacramental, then you dispose of it as a sacramental. I think there was a thread about that on here, once.

    My problem is that, whenever I try to use a rosary and take it places, it seems to either get mislaid or possibly get stolen. I hope God using my absentmindedness for good and delivering them to good homes, because I’ve lost two good ones that way now. (I guess I need to go to the ones made out of string, and tie them to something I won’t lose… like a body part….)

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