The Tablet and Catholic Herald publish weekly TLM information

From the Latin Mass Society:

British Catholic Newspapers Recognise the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Rite) Calendar

After prompting from the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, two leading British Catholic journals now publish weekly information on the Liturgical Calendar for the Extraordinary Form.

The Catholic Herald, the main ‘conservative’ Catholic paper, publishes the full weekly calendar for the Extraordinary Form alongside that for the Ordinary Form. This is provided for them each week by Gordon Dimon, the LMS’s Senior MC, who also compiles the LMS’s annual Ordo [which someone really ought to send me, btw] which is used by priests worldwide.

More surprisingly, The Tablet – the main British journal of ‘liberal’ Catholicism – also runs a weekly link to the Latin Mass Society’s website ( where the full Ordo can be consulted (along with much else of interest to enquiring Catholics).

John Medlin, LMS General Manager, said: “I was pleased at how responsive both The Catholic Herald and The Tablet were to my suggestion that they acknowledge the calendar for the Extraordinary Form. It shows that the Extraordinary Form is becoming accepted for what it is – a rite of equal standing with the Ordinary Form. The other two main British Catholic newspapers – The Universe and The Catholic Times – have yet to catch up with the Herald and Tablet. I will keep prodding them!”

It seems to me that these other Catholic papers, and all the papers in the USA, and L’Osservatore Romano should post weekly TLM information as well!

Why don’t they?

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  1. Maureen says:

    I don’t think my archdiocesan newspaper posts the OF calendar, so why would it post the TLM..
    Of course, I acknowledge that said newspaper is in the habit of putting things into odd corners, so possibly it’s there somewhere in small print.

    OTOH, I know there’s a little booklet of all the feasts and all the days that priests of our archdiocese are commemmorated. I don’t think you can buy it anywhere; I think the archdiocese sends it out to relevant people (mostly priests and music directors). I’d never seen a copy or heard of it before this year, but I think I recall that the volume number indicated that they’d been coming out for a long time. Is that an Ordo?

  2. Michael Fudge says:

    Here is a link to the LMS Ordo in PDF format.

  3. Peterk says:

    ‘Why don’t they?”

    because they are too busy promoting outreach programs with Muslims and Spanish-language Masses. here in the Diocese of Richmond (Va), their excuse for not promoting the EF is because we have a single parish devoted to the EF. No need to have it celebrated in other parishes

  4. Michael Fudge says:


    If you live in the United States the book you are talking about is available to be purchased. It is produced by Paulist Press for each region. Here is a link to it from one store and lists all of the regions available:—Soft-Cover/FuseAction/store.ItemDetails/SKU/17609/

  5. David says:

    Why wait for the Catholic papers? If you know of a TLM, announce it on twitter and tag your post #tlmwatch. Anyone can search the twitter archives for #tlmwatch and find them! Bonus points if you add a map link.

  6. My diocesan newspaper publishes what the daily readings are for Mass, whenever it comes out. The EF, however, has not really caught on around here. We do have the Gregorian Mass (Deo Gratias!), but it is sparsely attended by a group of 30 or so. While it would be nice to have info on what we are doing next Sunday, it probably does not seem practical to the diocesan newspaper editor.

    I suppose that if there isn’t a demand for this, then why should the diocesan newspaper publish it in the first place?

  7. English Catholic says:

    I hate to be mean-spirited about such good news, but in the sentence describing The Tablet (or Bitter Pill as many prefer to call it), shouldn’t the inverted commas be around the word ‘Catholicism’ rather than ‘liberal’? ;-)

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