Traddie car air-fresheners

From the Cornell Society for a Good Time this amusing post!

You might be a traditional priest if . . . you have a thurible hanging over the passenger’s seat in your car!

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  1. Barb says:

    To the passenger: Watch yer head.

  2. Phil (NL) says:

    Being knocked on the head isn’t the only danger. In my parish the incense is at times so plentiful that rather massive clouds drift by – today as well. If you can’t really stand it (I love seeing good use of incense, but my eyes and nose react rather adversely to larger quantities) you’ll have to sit beyond the third pillar, counting from the front. Translating that to this car, I’d have to ask to be carried in the boot rather than in the passenger seat…

    PS: how long will it take before Fr. Z. combines this with his long-standing wish for a Veyron?

  3. John P. says:

    Thank you for bringing some smiles to my dreadful day, Father!


  4. Dave says:

    Reminds me of a priest who had a vanity license plate with the year of his ordination in Roman numerals. This is even cooler, though.

  5. THAT thing could freshen up an old work car, now breath deeply and enjoy;-) from one who loves incense, used to love to swing the thurible, we had an old priest and he wasn’t afraid to use large amounts, always took two coals to make it all burn right, he used to tell us if the congregation can still see you, use more and swing harder. Now days seems the priests are afraid to make a cloud, heck lets set off the smoke alarms, always loved that smell

  6. Credo says:

    Very funny! This is a reminder of my husband telling me that he very much liked the perfume I was wearing. Why? He said, “because it smells like the incense at Mass”. A sure sign that one is married to a traditional Catholic.

  7. I just love that “new church” smell! Or would that be “old church” smell?

  8. Make me a Spark says:

    LOL so is this considered Smoking in the car? I would like to know what perfume it is that smells like Church incense though, i know a fellow who would appreciate it…

  9. Barb says:

    Is that a bag of potato chips?

  10. A Random Friar says:

    Practically speaking, you’d only want a little plastic “play Mass” thurible. Metal flying about if you have to slam your brakes or get into an accident is not good. But yeah, I’d get one in a New York minute!

  11. Choirmaster says:

    Make me a Spark:

    I am of the opinion that “Gucci by Gucci” smells like the incense at Mass, but that is a men’s cologne. Maybe they also make a lady’s purfume?

  12. Nemo says:

    Father must have been doing Epiphany house blessings…

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