ALERT! Help WDTPRS in the 2008 Weblog Awards – VOTING IS OPEN!

Once again WDTPRS needs your help.

Our little project here is a finalist for the 2008 Weblog Awards.

The voting is now open.

We can vote every day, but only once within a 24 hour period.

So vote early and often (every day) until the polls close on 13 January.

Here is the page for finalists.

Give WDTPRS your help!  Ask your friends.

If you are a blogger, consider asking your readers to give WDTPRS some support.

Keep Catholic blogs in the top spots this year in the Religious Blog category!

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Will vote for you!!!
    Go! Fr Z!!!

  2. Fr. Anthony: Thanks much.

    I hope other Catholic bloggers will lend their support.

  3. Agatha June says:

    Oh Father,

    This is going to be a difficult one for me. I’ve been following Jen at Conversion Diary for a while, but I have to give you major props for being so dedicated to the restoration of Truth and Beauty in the Church. I, too, will vote for you and hope Jen understands :-).

  4. DarkKnight says:

    Father, It appears that the balloting is open and the race is on. I’ve already voted for you from three different computers.

  5. Henry says:

    ALL: Note that it’s perfectly legal to vote once every 24 hours.

  6. Brian Day says:


    It’s early. Fr Z had 83% of votes when I voted. Of course there were only 24 votes total. :)

  7. Kathy says:

    voted for WDTPRS!

  8. KK says:

    Vote early, vote often in the spirit of fellow Minnesotan, Al Franken :-)

  9. Martin says:

    I voted for WDTPRS? from here in Northern Ireland. Love your blog Father, if only I could access that chat room! :-(

    To the readers: what am I looking for? Is it some kind of link on the ustream page? I’ve a web filter that just might be blocking it so I need to know what to look for. Thanks to anyone in advance.

  10. J. Wong says:

    You got my vote…..

  11. Michael says:

    I just voted for you.

    Thank you for all of your magnificent work on this blog.

  12. Andraea says:

    I just voted…Fr Z you’re pulling away from the rest at 93%.

  13. Michael Fudge says:


    Here is the link to the Ustream page:

  14. Martin says:

    To Michael Fudge:

    Thanks Michael, but I am still none the wiser. I joined ustream yesterday, and just now I clicked on ‘FOLLOW’ on Fr Z’s page. I know Fr Z is offline now, but I cannot see on the Fr Z ustream page, any reference to a chat room. What am I doing wrong?

  15. Geo F. says:

    DarkNight : I’ve already voted for you from three different computers. Sounds like Chicago-like politics to me (Hmmmmm…not a bad idea)!

    Fr. Z: You’ll get (at least) one vote from me every 24 hours. Vote often and earlyfor the restoration of the Liturgy !

  16. John Enright says:

    It is now 6:30 p.m. EST in Philadelphia, and I checked the voting. You’re at 52.3% and your closed rival, the “Happy Catholic” is at 14%. The rest barely matter at all. Good luck, Father.

  17. joy says:

    You have my vote(s)!
    What, no hanging chads?
    (I’m in Fla!)

  18. Ed says:

    My vote is in…doesn’t look like we’re up against much in the way of competition, really.

  19. I voted for you and will try and remember to vote every 24 hours.

  20. prof. basto says:

    Done. Once from the office, and now from home.

  21. wmeyer says:

    You appear to be holding your own, at slightly less than a simple majority. Clearly, we must all do our part in voting as though we were Democrats in Minnesota, or Ohio….

    May the best priest win!

  22. Victoria says:

    What you all are doing is cheating !!
    Shame on you !

  23. wmeyer says:

    What I am doing is adhering to the rules. I’m not even using more than a single machine to vote. I feel no shame.

  24. Londiniensis says:

    Done! and in diary till the 13th.

  25. Geo F. says:

    Victoria: Lighten up, we’re just having fun in light of real-life political corruption…I plan on playing by the rules (although stuffing the ballot box is tempting).

    This blog stands on it’s own merit, none of the others even come close (from the ones that I checked out).

  26. Dwight Longenecker says:

    Watch out Fr Z. I, and my army of supporters are campaigning hard… [Ah! My worthy opponent, the gentleman from South Carolina. Kind regards and good luck!]

  27. Brian says:

    Aaaaand that’s Fr. Z with 44% of the vote.
    Very good!

  28. mysticalrose says:

    I voted!

  29. Warren says:

    Just voted. Tally at this point: WDTPRS has 466 votes – 40.6%.

  30. Raphaela says:

    Just voted. Current tally: 496 votes (39.9%) for Fr. Z.

  31. David Osterloh says:

    Fr Z.
    Dwight Longenecker
    Fr Z
    Dwight Longenecker
    Fr Z
    Dwight Longenecker

    AAAAGGGHH, What to do I like you both and follow both of you, I’ll just keep on voting I guess

  32. I clocked in at 578.

  33. Jim says:

    Looks like Fr. Z is crushing!

  34. Most Excellent Sledgehammer says:

    What do you get if you win, Father???

  35. Most Excellent: They still owe me the Veyron from last year.

  36. Dwight Longenecker says:

    I’ve already moved up one notch, and I’m expecting a last minute surge…The Comeback Kid…

  37. Karen says:

    Hey Father,

    If you lose, call Al Franken, he will help you get those votes recounted so you can win!

  38. John Enright says:

    Voted again. Still have a solid lead, Father.

  39. Kazimer says:

    I had/have a similar quandry as someone posted before me : WDTPRS- Fr Z / Standing On My Head -Fr D ?

    I ended up voting for WDTPRS. It was cool to see the real time numbers and Fr Z rockin’ the vote!

    Maybe tomorrow , I can cast a ballot for Standing on My Head.

    Would that be double-minded?

  40. Just voted for you. I am very glad that you are in the 1st place. Will try to vote for you everyday till it’s finished. God bless.

  41. Karen Elliot says:

    So, you are encouraging folks to vote multiple times? To stuff the ballot box so to speak? I’ll have to consult my Father Heribert Jone text on that one.

  42. There are so many good Catholic blogs!

    I think it is important that a Catholic blog WIN.

    It seems to me that WDTPRS has the best shot at winning, with your help.

  43. Fred D says:

    Fr. Z,
    You have my vote.

  44. Diana says:

    Ok… Just voted for the second time… for you Father and I will be here tomorrow ;)
    Go Bless

  45. Diana says:

    Oops…I mean God Bless

  46. Joan Moore says:

    So far I have voted for WDTPRS twice on this (my home computer) and once from the computer in the office.

    You are way in the lead, Fr Z.

  47. VickiW says:

    I just voted for you. Your very helpful posts on Latin texts and educational podcasts were by far the deciding factor for me, although I am also a fan of Happy Catholic.

  48. David Osterloh says:

    I would hope that since Fr Z is so far out in front that some would vote for Fr Longnecker, and place him in solid second, right now he is tied for second, lets make it a good showing for Standing on My Head, shall we?

  49. Allena says:

    Do we get “I Voted!” stickers?
    Bummer lol

    Of course I voted anyway.

    YES for you!

  50. mysticalrose says:

    Just voted again! Let’s keep this going!

  51. Brian Walden says:

    The four Catholic blogs have gotten about 80% of the vote so far. That’s an encouraging sign.

    Karen Elliot wrote: “So, you are encouraging folks to vote multiple times? To stuff the ballot box so to speak? I’ll have to consult my Father Heribert Jone text on that one.”

    The rules of allow for voting multiple times (
    # You may vote once every 24 hours in each poll.
    # After voting in an individual poll you will be locked out from voting again in that poll (on the computer you voted from) for 24 hours.

    Fr. Z encouraged people to vote once per day, which is perfectly acceptable within the rules. The people who vote from more than one computer in the same day might be violating the rules. The common sense interpretation seems to me to be that each person gets one vote per 24 hours and as a defense mechanism the site will only allow one vote per computer per 24 hours (which would mean that voting from multiple computers is still against the rules, you just won’t get caught). But I can see an argument being made that since they have defense mechanisms in place, anything that isn’t prevented by them is allowed. I’m personally not buying that interpretation, but I guess we’ll have to go to the people who run the awards for the authoritative answer.

  52. Geo F. says:

    Karen Elliot wrote: “So, you are encouraging folks to vote multiple times? To stuff the ballot box so to speak? I’ll have to consult my Father Herbert Jone text on that one.”
    As I tell my brothers : “If you have to consult the Moral Theology book, it’s probably a mortal sin” !
    Does anyone know of a publishing house that sells copies of the 1948 Father Herbert Jone text, or an antique book-seller that may have this title in stock (I have my own copy but would like to be able to get copies for others) ?

  53. That’s a very fun comment Karn Elliot made!!!

    However, that’s book is my favorite. I have been a priest for just 2 and a half year, but I can say that I used the principles I learnt from that book alot in the confessional. Please try these 2 web sites for the book:

    Another little book I found very helpful for confessors is:

    “The Good Confessor” by Rev. Gerald Kelly.

    God bless.

  54. Karen Russell says:

    Since the rules explicitly allow voting once every 24 hours, I see no problem with so doing. Getting multiple votes in by using different computers might be a bit iffy.

    So far I’m voting for Fr. Z, but if he continues to maintain a healthy lead, I will probably vote once or twice for Conversion Diary, as I do enjoy that blog very much.

    But WDTPRS is in a class by itself.

  55. Marianne says:

    Hi Father,

    1,219 votes…so far, WDTPRS is the clear front runner!


  56. wmeyer says:

    Fr. Z: A Veyron, is it? And who will finance the tires that will so often need replacing? Or the fuel it downs in little more than a heartbeat?

    Fast, yes, but stunningly impractical.

  57. I wonder if I can put tires on my wish list…. hmmmm

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