Prayers for the Holy Father’s – wrist!

I had a tip from a reader in Rio De Janiero (!) – who saw my UK mobile number on the last entry and called – that the Holy Father fell and broke his wrist and has had some surgery.

I sure feel for him.  Been there… done that.  I fell and broke my wrist very badly once, and had to have surgery and then a sort of erector set on the arm… spikes through my hands and wrist and arms and rods to tie it all together.  Not fun.  But I digress.

It sounds as if the Holy Father’s fracture wasn’t as bad… but it was with his writing hand.

I think he likes to write during the summer, poor guy.

So, in your charity, please pray for the Holy Father and his swift recovery.

He has a good support system.. including you!


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  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    The news reports say that the Holy Father refused preferential treatment, and waited his turn before getting an X-ray. I now have a mental picture of the Pope sitting in the lobby of a doctor’s office reading “Hilights” or a 1987 “Field and Stream.”

    Can you imagine being the guy in line before the Pope?

    “Mr. Vanutelli, the doctor will see you now.”

    “Ummm, what about him, nurse?”

    “No, Mr. Vanutelli, you’re next in line.”

    “Ummm, well…okay. Ummm Your Holiness, ahhhh, have a good day. Oh, can I have your blessing?”

    “Ganswein, can you cover this one? My blessing wrist is just not up to it.”

  2. That was funny Tim

    Praying for the quick and speedy recovery of our Holy Father

  3. irishgirl says:

    I was chuckling at your post, Tim-very clever!

    Ditto about praying for our Holy Father’s swift recovery!

  4. Daniel Nekic says:

    More importantly than writing – how will he practice his piano!?!!!!!

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