Card. Rivera: Catholics cannot support “death projects” without betraying themselves

Read this, from CNA, and then I will ask something provocative.

Here is a strong statement from Card. Rivera of Mexico City with my emphases and comments.

Church cannot remain silent in face of threats against life, says Cardinal Rivera

Mexico City, Mexico, Sep 1, 2009 / 02:00 pm (CNA).- The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, has called Mexicans to rally to the defense of  life from conception to natural death, a task which he called essential and one which the Church cannot remain silent about.

During his homily last Sunday, the cardinal urged Mexicans to defend life against every threat facing it.

“We are all aware of the diverse stages through which the human being passes, from the moment of conception until death. Jesus took on this process, illuminating human existence in all states of life,” he stated.

The cardinal went on to reproach those who believe they are wiser and more prudent than God, [!] saying, [Now, read this and think "CATHOLIC IDENTITY"…]  “The Catholic faithful must be consistent with their faith in public and in private. [In public and in private!  Got it?  Let us put this another way… public life and actions must be consistent with faith which is also private.] They cannot support death projects without betraying themselves. [Not to mention whose who will die as a result.]  On the contrary, the must support every project that supports the development of human life in all its stages and circumstances.” [But Your Eminence!  Your Eminence!  Does that mean that Catholic politicians cannot support laws that expand abortion?]

The cardinal’s statements came as the states of Sinaloa and Queretaro appeared ready to join the fourteen other Mexican states that have modified their constitutions to head off attempts to legalize abortion.


Allow me now to ask and emanation from a penumbra question:

Did the funeral of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy rally Catholics to the defense of life?

We heard again and again about private faith, when we knew about public acts. 

Were they consistent?

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  1. JohnMa says:

    I don’t believe there can be a distinction between private faith and public acts. I think that if you truly have private faith then your public actions will reflect that private faith. Otherwise, you truly don’t have private faith.

    So, I think that Ted Kennedy’s private faith and public acts were consistent. He didn’t have any private faith in the Catholic faith. Therefore, his public acts were consistent with his lack of private faith.

  2. Thomas S says:

    There’s always a pertinent quote from St. Thomas in A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS when it comes to Catholic politicians:

    “I think that when statesmen forsake their own private conscience for the sake of their public duties they lead their country by a short route to chaos.”

  3. Roland de Chanson says:

    Did the funeral of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy rally Catholics to the defense of life?

    Of course not. But I for one now feel a whole lot better about supporting abortion, IVF, ESTR, divorce, gay marriage and DWI. I am no longer going to be silenced in the public square on these important social questions. For the record, I am also against war, the death penalty and for rampant illegal immigration to fill the pews vacated by the crypto-episcopalians. Good Catholic social teaching. Did I mention women’s ordination? No? OK, we still have to support that on the QT for the time being. Gay priests? Well, that’s a moot point now isn’t it?

    And when my time comes, I will pen a missive to the pope affirming by belief in the core teachings of Catholicism as enumerated in the Nicene Creed and requesting blue and white vestments, two cardinals and an apostolic blessing, suitable for framing by my heirs. Why blue? It’s symbolizes heaven where I am certainly going.

    But don’t be alarmed. I am the only person in Massachusetts NOT running for Kennedy’s seat. The others are all sinners.

  4. EXCHIEF says:

    Yep. Defense of one life and one life only, that of Mr. Kennedy.

  5. When will the facts about who received Holy Communion at Kennedy’s funeral leak? Did Biden? Pelosi? Enquiring minds want to know.

  6. joebkathy says:

    “Actions speak louder than words!”
    “You betray Me with A kiss, Judas?” Signed – Mary Jo

  7. JohnMa says:

    The cameras did show Biden received Holy Communion, but the cameras got out of there before we could see the rest.

  8. Supertradmom says:

    The Judas reference reminds me of something an excellent parish priest said when I was upset about a bishop. “Christ chose twelve men, and one betrayed Him. How many bishops are there in the United States? Perhaps Our Lord is betrayed one out of every twelve.” (Paraphrase) The priest was from Spain and was ministering to a large Latino congregation. I think we need to stop pretending thatthe future of the Church is in the hands of the immigrant Latino population, who have become as secular as their families in Mexico, where, I believe now, fifteen provinces want or have pro-abortion laws, (out of 31 provinces, counting the federal district). Obama’s change in January re: the Mexico Agreement, has allowed the flood of pro-abortion supporters in Mexico to come to the fore. (Can a flood do this…rhetorically?)

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