Testing a new theme for iphones and blackberries

Testing a new theme for iphones…. and blackberries


I tried to add a special theme friendly for blackberry.

Those of you will mobile browsers, can you check this out?


I turned off the mobile theme, aimed at blackberry. 

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  1. Frank H says:

    This is terrific!

  2. Frank H says:

    Absolutely. Great simple layout. Really user friendly!

  3. tzard says:

    Looks nice. This is from
    my iPhone.

  4. Bill in Texas says:

    Wow. The layout is great! The only problem I’m having is that I get a 404 Page not found when I try to log in to leave a comment.

  5. MargaretMN says:

    Very nice! I generally read blogs on an RSS reader (netnewswire) but I have to jump to safari to read the comments. For that it’s very easy!

  6. q7swallows says:

    Like the instant access to comments! Very cool.

  7. zgietl says:

    It’s great!!!

  8. CaliCatholicGuy says:

    I think it’s great Father! I also like how it’s one click to view both the post and the comments.

  9. archambt says:

    Now we surly but faithful Blackberry users will await your theme upgrade!

  10. Okay… I tried to add a blackberry friendly theme.

  11. John the Convert says:

    I like it. I wonder, though – the old model expanded the font when you turned to Landscape mode, and this version doesn’t (expands wordwrap, but not font). Is it an option to get the font to grow, for us older readers? Thanks,

  12. trad catholic mom says:

    It looks great

    Posting from my iphone

  13. timelord says:

    GREAT. I like the look on my iPhone. Bravo

  14. kradcliffe says:

    I can’t view your page at all on my Android phone. It’s just a blank white expanse. Not sure why that is.

  15. kradcliffe says:

    OK, I figured out to Google WDTPRS and then choose “mobile” from a drop-down list of options on the Google page.

    I like it! Definitely easy to view.

  16. Frank H says:

    I will second John the Convert’s request on font size in landscape orientation.

    I really like the feature allowing you to quickly move back and forth to other posts, found just before the comments section.

  17. RVisotski says:

    Great Ap, Father! It should be in the “top 25” in no time at all.

    I have moved you to the first pane on my iPhone…
    Thank you for helping this 49 year old product of “The reform” to continue to learn the truth about his faith and be ready for the reform of the reform.
    I am also thankful for the podcasts back up and running.
    Oremus Pro Invicem….

  18. I also got the “great white north” when going to the regular blog address from my BlackBerry in both the BB default browser and Opera Mini. Previously, this would bring up the mobile page. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to do the Google workaround that kradcliffe could on his Android device.

  19. RichR says:

    BB version is nice and neat. Noble simplicity, one might say.

  20. I was getting e-mail that the blackberry version wasn’t working.

  21. Bill in Texas says:

    trad catholic mom — how are you managing to log in? I only got a 404 when I tried to leave a comment from my iPhone.

  22. Thanks for switching it off Father, I got the White Page too on my Versa. Very sad.

  23. archambt says:

    The new theme is wonderful. Simple, neat, and user friendly. Thank you Fr. Z!

  24. Yep, I can get in again with my BB. Thanks!

  25. Melody says:

    It works nicely on my little nokia mobile phone. A while back before you started tinkering with it, I used to have to through six pages of headers and links to get to your articles. I often read WDTPRS on my morning busride.

  26. dcs says:

    Looks pretty good on my blackberry — although the login screen could be more mobile-friendly.

  27. MKubes says:

    Looks good on my blackberry as well – thanks, Father!

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