Brick by brick in Wroclaw

Be sure to check out this Polish site Nowy Ruch Liturgiciczny for photos of a Solemn TLM coram episcopo, Most. Rev. Marian Golebiewski, Archbishop of Wroclaw.

The photos are GREAT.

Folks… this is what the RED MASS should always look like.

This is what the pols and judges need to see.

Remember my Liturgical Political Manifesto?

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  1. I’ve been wondering lately: is the EF mass around the world in rather the same position around the world? If I were to visit Poland, Korea, Brazil or the Philippines would it be easier or harder to find a Solemn High Mass?

  2. compared to the USA, I intended to say.

  3. Fr. John Mary says:

    What a beautiful reredos!

  4. ridiculusmus says:

    Ermine cape on the cappa (pace Paolo VI) but I’ve never seen the pallium worn with the cope

  5. Luke says:

    “More than ever we need what Christ, the true Actor of our liturgy, desires to offer us through Holy Church’s worship.” Amen. Thank you, Father.

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