Fr. Z in NYC

I will be in New York City from 4-9 November.  

One of the things I will be doing is acting as celebrant for a Solemn TLM on 6 November, a First Friday, at 6:30 PM at the Church of the Guardian Angel in Manhattan (10th Ave. and 21st St.).  This link should take you to some pictures of the Church.

However, perhaps in advance we might give some thought to a Big Apple Blognic?

First, is anyone interested?

Maybe a Saturday morning thing?

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  1. archambt says:

    Sounds wonderful! We poor folks in New Haven can make this.

  2. FrCharles says:

    This native New Havenite is in.

  3. Childermass says:

    I’m in Boston—I was actually thinking of paying a visit to New York around this time.

    Now it is a sure thing! Count me in for a blognic or anything else you have planned, Father.

  4. With the exception of the recent 40-hours Eucharistic Adoration at Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin, NJ, it appears that every time you are close enough to Princeton to make a meeting possible, something else has already claimed my time. I’ll be chaperoning a retreat in eastern PA that weekend. Alas.

  5. Mitchell NY says:

    Although not around the corner from where I work on LI I will try to get out early to make this one as I did for the Pontifical Mass at St. Jean Baptiste a few months ago..In fact I have walked past this Church several times, I realized when I opened the link.

  6. The Astronomer says:

    The Astronomer is in!!!!

  7. Charivari Rob says:

    “Maybe a Saturday morning thing?”


    You gotta get to Absolute Bagels, up at Broadway and West 107th Street. Even if you have the meet somewhere else, pick up the bagels and fixin’s from there.

  8. irishgirl says:

    Ooooo….I’d love to come…but the train fare from Upstate NY would be expensive…and I wouldn’t know where the church is located!

    Oh, well-I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with pictures of the church and the blognic!

  9. Childermass says:

    Hi Irishgirl,

    You’re in Syracuse, right? I’m from there—born and raised.

    There is a Megabus that goes from Syracuse to New York City and back. It’s very comfortable, with free wifi, and they often have good deals.

    The one-way fare from Syracuse to New York ranges from $5.00 to $28.00, depending on the time of departure—a significant savings from the (slow and expensive) Amtrak.

    Check it out at

    The cheapest departures are those that tend to sell out earlier—though I see a $5.00 departure still available for Wed Nov 4 and Thur Nov 5.

  10. Charivari Rob says:

    Go for it, Irishgirl!

    Manhattan is largely a grid layout. A little advance prep with the bus company website, the church address, and the MTA/NYCTA website – and you’ll have no ptoblem getting to the church.

  11. Childermass says:

    The church at which Fr. Z is celebrating Mass is a 15-minute walk from Penn Station (where the Megabus drops passengers off).

  12. Childermass says:

    Directions here:

  13. We don’t like huge url addresses on the blog. We like TINY addresses.

  14. dimparato says:

    You can count me in (+ wife & baby)!

  15. cuaguy says:

    grrr… I will be in DC…

  16. techno_aesthete says:

    Count me in!

  17. canis caeli says:

    Excellent! Have you a spot in mind? BTW, isn’t Fr. Mannion a canon lawyer? It will be most interesting to have his insights on the canonical and supra-canonical structures. I seem to recall an article written by a NY priest who was in Rome, casting doubt on the excommunications. O yes, it will be most interesting, as well as ironic, because my pastor was the priest who normally celebrated FF at Guardian Angel. That was before he was REMOVED.

    How about an afternoon thing? I can bring the beer, brewed by monks, of cawss. Anything you might want to know about the City, just ask this native Noo Yawkah

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