OLDIE PODCAzT: Augustine on Prayer; how to treat newcomers to Traditional Latin Masses

I am digging out of the archive an old PODCAzT.

These days in the Liturgy of the Hours we have had readings from St. Augustine’s Letter 130 to the wealthy widow Proba, who had fled to North Africa after Alaric the Visigoth sacked Rome.  Since I talked about Augustine and Proba in an old PODCAzT I thought I could just trot it out again.  There are some interesting things in that little project.

Also, I make some remarks about how to treat newcomers at celebrations of the older form of Mass.  Since Summorum Pontificum is now in force, people who haven’t been to the older Mass will be getting first impressions. 

Let’s make sure they are good impressions.

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  1. Jack Hughes says:

    problems both with downloading both manually and via itunes

  2. Cristero says:

    How to treat newcomers to the older form of Mass? Two words… Relentless hazing! ;)

    [ o{]>:¬( ]

  3. Francisco Cojuanco says:

    I can’t emphasize on how key it is to treat newcomers with respect. I remember back when my aunt and uncle attended an EF Mass with me at San Juan Capistrano, where one of the ushers got all huffy and frankly this side of abusive about the way they were dressed (they could have said it nicer, and it was pretty modest) and the fact that they tried saying the Our Father (where the usher just went ballistic). Left a VERY bad first impression on them, and left my aunt in tears. She didn’t come with me to Mass for a very long time.

    So remember, that every newcomer whom you treat less-than-charitably is one less potential brick in bringing back the EF into common use.

  4. frater says:

    Even though Franciscan University claims it is “Academically Challenging and Passionately Catholic”, I doubt it is “Passionately Catholic”. A friend of mine, who shall remain unnamed, is in the pre-theologate program there. He and his fellow traddies are “under attack” by the priests that run the pre-theologate just because they prefer the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. The sems are belittled and made to feel the don’t have a true vocation because they prefer the EF. The pre-theologate priests aren’t Passionately Catholic. This is not a very pastoral approach to legitimate desires of these seminarians. My friend and the other sems fear retribution more than they have experienced already. Two thumbs down for the PT program at Steube. It’s not all the great if that is the administration’s reaction.

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