6 Nov – NYC – Solemn TLM Requiem – Guardian Angels

Tonight, 6 November, at 6:30 pm, at Guardian Angels Church (193 Tenth Avenue at 21st Street) there will be sung a Solemn Requiem Mass.

The sacred ministers will be Fr. Gerald Murray, Pastor of the Church of St. Vincent de Paul, as deacon and Mr. Brian Graebe, seminarian for the New York Archdiocese, as subdeacon. Your humble correspondent is celebrant for the Mass.

I am told there is to be very good sacred music for the Mass. 

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  1. FrCharles says:

    Argh! I had hoped to be able to get down the City from here in Yonkers, but hosting guests is keeping me here. I hope I have another chance to meet you someday, Fr. Z. I shall remember all who gather at Guardian Angels in my prayer tonight.

  2. Julia says:

    I sang in a group of 8 for a Solemn Requiem Mass on Monday, November 2nd at All Saints Church in South St Louis County. We sang the regular Gregorian Requiem including the Dies Irae. I hadn’t sung it since grade school in the 1950s when the girls’ choir sang all Requiem Masses. There were some Deacons and seminary students from Kenrick Seminary helping out. It was well attended.

    We also did Panis Angelicus a capella from the St Gregory’s hymnal at Communion.

    I seem to remember that we didn’t receive Communion at funerals in the olden days. Am I remembering that incorrectly?

    The event jogged my musical memory and I’m now trying to find an old wedding song that was sung at almost all the weddings back in the old days.

    It started: One our Faith, One our Hope, One our love for each other; da da da feality, as we pledge to each other.
    Father [Mother} Beleoved, redeemed by your son, here at your feet, humbly we meet, et.c etc. etc. ends with: keep us in all things one.

    Does anybody know where I could find that song? I’ve googled for hours with no results – except for a note saying it was in the files of the St Louis priest who was the editor of a Cahtolic magainze back in the day.

    Thanks. Love your blog. This is my first comment.

  3. FrCharles says:

    Aha! Providence has appeared, provided for other concerns, and pushed. Here I come!

  4. FrCharles it was very nice to meet you at Guardian Angels!

  5. FrCharles says:

    And you Fr. Z! Though I have to thank my friend “Seminarian Z” for pushing me out of the friary and bringing me down

  6. dirtycopper says:

    It was a great honor to finally meet the de facto Flying Bishop of cyber space in the flesh!
    I just wish we had more time to chat. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  7. introibo says:

    Really wanted to attend, but senior-in-high-school daughter who also really wanted to attend has SAT’s this morning (the morning after the Mass) and I didn’t want to stay out too late. (A bit of a trek back to CT)

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