Homeless… it can happen

From the Martyrologium Romanum:

1. Commemoratio sancti Valeriani, episcopi Avensani in Africa, qui, octogenarius amplius, in persecutione vandalica a Genserico rege ariano expetitus, ut Ecclesiae utensilia traderet, cum hoc facere constanter renuisset, extra civitatem singularis iussus est pelli; et cum praeceptum esset, ut nullus eum neque in domo sua neque in agro habitare sineret, diutissime in via publica sub nudo aere iacuit et ita, confessor orthodoxae veritatis, cursum beatae vitae complevit.


Perhaps you readers can add your flawless English versions of this interesting entry for 15 December.

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  1. mpm says:

    The commemoration of Saint Valerianus, bishop of Avensanus in Africa who, when well into his eighty’s, was sought by the Arian King Genseric in the persecution of the Vandals, in order that he might hand over the Church’s sacred furnishings to the King. Having steadfastly refused to do so, he was ordered to be cast alone outside the city; and when it was ordered that no one allow him to dwell in their homes or on their lands, he laid prostrate for a very long time on the public highway under the bare skies and thus, as a confessor of the orthodox truth, lived out the remainder of his blessed life.

  2. Tom in NY says:

    The commemoration of St. Valerian, bishop of Avenza in Africa. He was over eighty years old when he was pressured to hand over the Church’s precious objects during the Vandals’ persecution by King Genseric [an Arian, btw]. When he strongly refused to do this, he was forced out of the city alone, and it was ordered that no one should allow him to live in a house or in a field. He lived on a highway in the open. Thus, this confessor of the orthodox truth fulfilled the path of his blessed life.

    Salutationes omnibus.

  3. wanda says:

    With my scant knowledge of Latin I was only able to tell that this was about Bishop Valerian, and that he was eighty plus years old and had no home. May his reward be great in Heaven. Thank you Fr. Z. for this post, I am humbled to share my birthday with such a great and Holy Saint.

  4. Tom in NY says:

    Ante scribendum cogitandum.
    Erratum: “ariano” omittendum. “Lived” ante “lay” metonymia anglica erat; S. Valerianus ne subito gladio exiit.
    Mihi apparet MR historias heroicas sanctorum praepositionibus firmat, e. g. “ex-petitus” et “extra…pelli” potius quam “petitus” aut “expelli.”
    Salutationes omnibus.

  5. mpm says:

    It is very timely for me to learn of St. Valerian’s brush with “the law” here; I will be asking him to intercede for me tomorrow in a bit of adventure I’m facing otherwise on my own.

    Sancte Valeriane, intercede pro me in via publica!

  6. Marius2k4 says:

    The commemoration of Saint Valerian, Bishop of Avensanus in Africa, who, at more than eighty years old, was sought out by King Genseric in persecution of the Vandals, that he might hand over the sacred things of the Church, and seeing as he constantly refused to do so, he was ordered to be thrown outside of the city, alone; and when it was ordered, that no one permit him either in their home nor to dwell in their field, he lay for a very long time on the public road under the bare sky and thus, as a confessor of orthodox truth, he completed the course of his blessed life.

  7. Marius2k4 says:

    Ack… “by the [Arian] King Genseric”

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