Of Duct Tape

I love duct tape. I prefer to call it 100 MPH Tape, as in the military, or, as the Germans call it Panzer Tape… but whatever you call it, it is good stuff.

I am presently trying to fix the lens for my camera (with which I shoot the feeder) with my black Panzer Tape. Some years ago in Rome a friend of mind dropped my camera, thus busting the filter/protector with its threads off the top of my zoom. I promptly duct taped it together. I had only silver duct tape that time, so it looked pretty schlocky. But this time I have black.

The tape finally just dried out and gave way, alas. So, now, I am engaged in a great struggle to fix the lens again.

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  1. An American Mother says:

    I would try the best quality electrician’s tape, 3M’s premium brand is a good one. It’s more flexible, doesn’t lose its plasticizer as quickly as gaffer’s/duct tape, and doesn’t leave goo behind when it does give up.

    Not a photographer myself, but carried my husband’s bag and tripods during the years that he was a fanatical devotee of Ansel Adams . . . .

  2. Subvet says:

    Duct tape is like The Force; it has a light side and it has a dark side plus it holds the universe together.

  3. Peggy R says:

    Duct tape. God’s greatest gift to man, next to His Son.

  4. Over here, the main brand is called Duck Tape… this caused me no end of confusion, and here is what it’s really supposed to be used for…


  5. Gwen says:

    We called it “speed tape” in the USAF.

    I use duct tape to cover the oil-air cooler on my light airplane in the wintertime (the oil doesn’t need cooling and the engine needs warm oil). Beats the thousand-dollar louver modification thingy that would do the same trick.

  6. RichR says:


    Put it on your Amazon Wishlist and hope someone buys it for you.

  7. An American Mother says:


    I do a lot of hunting retriever work, and to train the dogs we use dead mallard ducks, which are kept in people’s freezers wrapped in newspaper between times. Unfortunately they are quite expensive, so everybody recycles them longer than they really should.

    I was at a training day a few months ago when one of my dogs, looking somewhat disgusted, returned to me from the field with a very tired mallard that somebody had actually repaired with duct tape wrapped around its midsection.

    But in this case, it really WAS Duck Tape. I told the line judge it was the first time I had ever seen Duck Tape used for its intended purpose (we did retire that mallard).

  8. q7swallows says:


    ROFL! It certainly holds my universe together!

  9. biberin says:

    Have you ever seen Gorilla Tape? It’s like duct tape on steroids. It’s delightful; a bit more expensive, but worth every penny.

  10. pyrosapien says:

    We called it “EB Green” on the submarine. “EB” standing for “Electric Boat” (the shipbuilder that constructs submarines) and green because that was the color. I’d tell you how much pressure it could hold back,… but then I’d have to… oh never mind. ;-)

  11. kbf says:

    In the British Army it is “Black Nasty”. It literally holds together virtually every piece of kit that is issued.

  12. Jerry says:

    This may be the ultimate duct tape repair job — at least it’s the most extensive I have seen:

  13. catholicmidwest says:

    I used to work in a nuclear plant. You don’t want to know how much duct tape they use. Electrical tape too.

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