How useful is your coffee mug?

How useful is your coffee mug?


I must admit, in all humility that the WDTPRS mugs, the Save The Liturgy – Save The World mugs, and the Say The Black – Do The Red mugs – what an odd word "mug" – are all

…just as useful as the iMug depicted above.

Check them out

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  1. gloriainexcelsis says:

    My favorite useful mug has Don Rumsfeld’s picture on it and the words, “Don’t ask me any stupid questions before I’ve had my coffee.” A too-large mug with dancing squirrels, proclaims, “Dances with Squirrels.” It sits beside my kitchen stove with wooden utensils in it. A much-too-large (latte type) mug is seldom used, since I’m not much of a latte person. It has black paw prints all over it, “No outfit is complete without dog hair,” apropos since I have a 125 pound white German Shepherd. I looked up “mug.” It seems to be either of Irish origin, “mugan,” or Swedish, “mugg,” defined as an earthenware cup. My mugs have all been gifts from friends (?) who know me well.

  2. JohnE says:

    This is very important: Do NOT try the hands-free mode unless you have a very small quantity of non-staining room-temperature beverage! Thanks a lot Fr. Z!

  3. Supertradmom says:

    anything with gps makes me nervous…I know where I am, but I do not want all others to necessarily know where I am…

    as to a mug with gps…to help you find the coffee maker?

    all my mugs are very boring…

  4. catholicmidwest says:

    I love my GPS. If the nosy powers-that-be care to spend their precious time following me around while I’m roaming the countryside finding yarn (to knit) and churches, they’re more pathetic than even I give them credit for.

  5. Supertradmom says:


    I should not state that my mugs are boring, but that, in good Aristotelian/Scholastic/Thomistic philosophy concerning what is good is that what is doing what it was made to do, my mugs are great–they hold hot coffee very well….even though they are plain brown, or blue and white…no comments, no pictures

  6. greg the beachcomber says:

    Ah, but does WDTPRS release a new, improved and even cooler version of your mug IMMEDIATELY AFTER you buy one, making you feel slightly envious and a little disappointed in your brand new, perfectly useful mug?

  7. virmagnussum says:

    Probably some of the coolest coffee mug designs I have seen:

    I imagine that church coffee hour would be a little more fun if we were drinking our coffee out of one of these. :-)

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