I love this museum in Philadelphia!

Try to spend time in a good museum from time to time.

I very much enjoy Turner.

Of something about Benjamin Franklin:

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  1. kradcliffe says:

    I used to work there.

    There used to be a security guard who carried a magnifying glass so that people could take a really good look at the Van Eyck.

  2. I have no idea if this would interest you or not, but on Friday nights in addition to their art exhibits they also have a live jazz band with wine and cheese.

    I agree, it’s a fantastic museum. When I was at Drexel the view from my view was the museum, which is just gorgeous at night. I love driving past it, after the lovely Boathouse Row. We’re a great city, if I may say so myself :)

  3. chironomo says:

    Their Colonial American collection is the best in the country (with the possible exception of the Paul Revere collection in Boston…). Really like the furnishings exhibit where they have the whole room from the early 1700’s… (assuming it’s still there…haven’t been to the Philly museum since the 80’s…)

  4. Denis Crnkovic says:

    Fr. Zuhlsdorf – Yes, one of the best museums in the country! And here is the Minnesota connexion. The Philly Art Museum is the largest building in the world made of Kasota stone.* And Kasota stone is mined here in Minnesota, near the small village of Kasota, which I am looking at right now – snow covered and amber lit in the sunrise – through my office window.

    *The Smithsonian’s new native American museum on the mall in D.C. has slightly less volume of Kasota stone, though larger individual pieces.

  5. FranzJosf says:

    I love Turner, too. It was the Turners at the Frick, in NYC, that taught me to see more deeply into paintings. Until then, I was unable to be moved as deeply as listening to music. That is no longer true, thanks to Turner.

  6. Denis: Kasota stone

    Really! Interesting!

  7. puma19 says:

    Yes but now the other day I was at the new Renaissance section with some stunning pieces of sculpture and marble etc along with some fine art from the Middle Ages at the V&A London.
    There and behold (and Fr Z would love) there is a special section with some stunning, yes, breathtaking chasubles from the late 15th century made and used here in Britain, prior to HVIII coming to the throne. Took some pics but not able to transfer presently. But they are in remarkable condition with the golden threads and red colours so vibrant after more than 500 years.
    Also some stunning gold chalices from that period as well, on display. Just shows how we ought have the proper chalices used at Mass, not glass and pottery for the Body and Blood of the Lord.
    If in London go to the V&A to see.

  8. Tom in NY says:

    The Phila Museum of Art is a very worthy place to visit. I hope you were able to catch the knights and their armor. The Rodin Museum is a short (in good weather) walk down the Parkway, with one of the original “Penseurs.”

    The U of P Museum, on the west side of the campus, has interesting exhibits on the biblical Near East, classical Greece (including a herm), Imperial Roman times, Buddhist, Hindu and ancient Egyptian artifacts. The latter include Ra, a scarab dedicated to an Egyptologist, and mummies (hats off). It’s an easy car ride from the Museum of Art, and would get you a head start back to Berlin.
    Ad Musas!

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