Okay, turn off the siren.   These are good polls.

Over at Serviam there are two polls about how you… you, dear readers, use the media to be informed about your Catholic faith and matters pertaining thereto.

Head over and vote!

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  1. wanda says:

    Voted. I commented and will confess here to being very late in finding this wonderful world of faithful Catholic Blogs. I had no idea whatever that all of you were ‘in here’. I only discovered this blog and a couple of others during the scandal at Notre Dame. There were these 3 little sites noted under commentary, American Papist, WDTPRS and Creative Minority Report. Well, suffice it to say, new vistas were opened up for me, and my eyes were opened as well. Been following ever since. I belive that the scandal, as bad as that was, has brought this greater good, being connected to the faithful and to the faith-filled Catholics of the world. It’s the realm of ‘Chrisitian Unity and true Catholic Identity’. I’m forever grateful.

  2. wanda says:

    It’s awfully quiet in here….chirp..chirp..chirp (crickets)..

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